The David Pakman Show – If Guns Don’t Kill People, Let’s Tax Bullets (VIDEO)

Author: December 27, 2012 11:08 am
As Senator Patrick Moynihan suggested, let's tax bullets.

As Senator Patrick Moynihan suggested, let’s tax bullets.

In this segment, David Pakman discusses how the late Senator, Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) made the point that, even if the sales of guns were forbidden, we already have enough guns in private hands to last for a couple hundred years, but we only have a three-year supply of ammunition.

Moynihan’s idea? Increase the tax on bullets; not the type used for target shooting or hunting, but put an exorbitant tax on hollow point bullets that cause such devastating damage and on high-capacity magazines that have no reasonable use in hunting or self-defense. David explains:

“10,000%, Mr. Moynihan said; that would make the tax on 20-cartridge pack of hollow tip bullets $1500.00. If guns don’t kill people and bullets, do, let’s really focus on the bullets. This also sidesteps Constitutional arguments….”

To see the whole discussion, watch video:


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