The David Pakman Show – If Guns Don’t Kill People, Let’s Tax Bullets (VIDEO)

As Senator Patrick Moynihan suggested, let's tax bullets.

As Senator Patrick Moynihan suggested, let’s tax bullets.

In this segment, David Pakman discusses how the late Senator, Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) made the point that, even if the sales of guns were forbidden, we already have enough guns in private hands to last for a couple hundred years, but we only have a three-year supply of ammunition.

Moynihan’s idea? Increase the tax on bullets; not the type used for target shooting or hunting, but put an exorbitant tax on hollow point bullets that cause such devastating damage and on high-capacity magazines that have no reasonable use in hunting or self-defense. David explains:

“10,000%, Mr. Moynihan said; that would make the tax on 20-cartridge pack of hollow tip bullets $1500.00. If guns don’t kill people and bullets, do, let’s really focus on the bullets. This also sidesteps Constitutional arguments….”

To see the whole discussion, watch video:


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