Gun Nut Says Arming Slaves Would Have Prevented Slavery

Armed slaves would’ve stopped slavery? @

Armed slaves would’ve stopped slavery? @

I am seriously beginning to link NRA types to racist ideals. I just posted about how the NRA was in favor of gun control as long as it was disarming the Black Panther Party before going full on crazy in the other direction. Now, Larry Ward, founder of Gun Appreciation Day, is making the offensive, history-denying comment that if slaves had been armed, maybe there would have been no slavery.

Now, this is simply untrue. For one, when people are brought over, packed like sardines in ships, in chains, how the hell are they supposed to get guns? Also, there were many slave uprisings, almost all of which resulted in disaster, and retribution by slave owners, who, of course, had the benefit of the law on their side. The commentary makes no sense, and, further, perhaps the most offensive part of all is that Ward says that the Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with him if he were alive today.

As if all of this weren’t enough, the January 19 gun rally that Ward is promoting collides with not only the King holiday, but Barack Obama’s inauguration for his second and final term as well.

Now, to me, this is almost like taunting. Dr. King was famed for his peace-loving ways and non-violent protest. He surely would not have agreed with violence of any kind, for any reason. If he had, he would have used those tactiics. Further, Barack Obama is known to be in favor of gun control, and his inauguration marks the second term as the first African-American president. The timing of this is deliberate. There is no way around that.

Gun nuts tend to be a demographic of conservative, white, Republican males. Personally, I don’t think this demographic is in touch with reality when it comes to things like racism, and particularly slavery; quite the opposite, in fact. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is pretty brutal. There’s just no way around the racist undertones here, and honestly? I want them to keep talking. If there is one thing that, in this pedal back to the Wild Wild West that the Right is taking us on, is still socially unacceptable it’s public racism. Keep it up, gun nuts. You’ll show yourselves to be not only lunatics, but racist lunatics to boot, which will bury your cause.

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