Texas Lt. Governor Accidentally Admits That Just Having A Gun Is Worthless For Protection

Did you do your homework...punk?

The GOP dream teacher: “Did you do your homework…punk?”

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is pro-gun. He’s so pro-gun that he wants the taxpayers to pay to train teachers and school staff to be ready for an armed intruder. Yes, a Republican is saying that more government is the solution.

While that would be newsworthy in and of itself on a normal day, it’s what Dewhurst said in defense of his big government solution that is truly astounding. Via Huffington Post:

Dewhurst said the eight hours of class instruction and two hours of shooting training for a concealed handgun license is “not sufficient” for school employees.

“It doesn’t teach how to respond emotionally and technically” to a potentially chaotic situation where young lives could be at stake, he said.

Sure, he’s focusing on teachers but it can just as easily be applied to anyone who has never had combat training. That would be most of the country and certainly a majority of gun owners.

Yet, in the world of Alex Jones and Ted Nugent, one must be armed at all times in case the roving hoards of government secret agents come for you. The NRA pushes concealed carry as well as open carry as a way to protect yourself from “bad guys.” In fact, a great deal of the resistance to gun regulation is based in an artificially generated fear that has left gun proponents jumping at their shadows. This is in spite of the fact that the violent crime rate is lower than it has been in decades. A further irony is that the reduction of childhood lead exposure is a prime suspect for the drop in crime even as we have stocked up on lead in the form of bullets.

In the days following Newtown (and every other mass shooting), there is no shortage of “Second Amendment” super heroes claiming that everything would have been just fine if only everyone had been armed. Why, if people were allowed to just openly carry their guns, there might never be a gun murder again. The reality is, however, that having a gun increases the chances that you, or someone in your home, like a child, will be shot. I would include the statistics but gun nuts wouldn’t believe them anyway. Reality violates their “right” to be armed to the teeth, you see.

The fact that a pro-gun, pro-gunslinging teacher Republican has publicly admitted that the fantasy of the average citizen as John Wayne/Dirty Harry is complete garbage should be a wake up call. Just shooting at cans in the backyard on the weekends does not qualify you to do anything but get people killed. A few hours on the gun range does not make you a warrior for freedom, it makes you a hazard to yourself and everyone around if you suddenly decide to play hero. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video you won’t want to watch (but really should):

Liberals do not want your guns, we just want to make sure the lunatics, criminals and idiots are kept away from them. I, for one, would be much more comfortable if I knew that every person carrying a gun had the training of career law enforcement or military personnel and that those who failed would not be allowed to own a gun. It wouldn’t be perfect but it would a damn sight safer than a bunch of yahoos drunk on too many Westerns and action flicks. Of course, such a suggestion will be met with cries of “tyranny” and other such stupidity.

Don’t blame me, though. It was Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s idea, not mine.

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