Gayle Trotter As Expert On Women And Gun Control – Debunked (VIDEO)

Ms. Gayle Trotter, Gun Expert…not; @ Slate

Ms. Gayle Trotter, Gun Expert…not; @ Slate

Women everywhere have a new heroine by the name of Gayle Trotter. She’s smart, confident, ready with facts and figures, but also knows how to tell a good story. Surely women everywhere stood up to cheer this fresh face and new voice.

Ms. Trotter came into the national spotlight when she testified as the lone woman at the recent Senate hearing on gun control. She illustrates the strength and independence of today’s woman. Her opening statement is shown in the video here:

Well, maybe that’s not the best illustration of her expertise on how strong women have become, but the story of Sarah McKinley surely illustrates the need for women to have protection against an attacker. That’s good. No one disputes anyone’s right to defend themselves, right? Perhaps a bit more testimony might enlighten us further as to the basis of her arguments.

In this part, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse asks Ms. Trotter a few questions. He wants her to clarify her statements on how gun control affects women.

WHITEHOUSE: Sarah McKinley, in defending her home, used a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge shotgun that would not be banned under the statue. Correct?

TROTTER: I don’t remember what type of weapon she used.

WHITEHOUSE: Well, trust me. That’s what it was, and it would not be banned under the statute. So it doesn’t; I think it proves the point that ordinary firearms, not hundred magazine, peculiar types of artifacts. People are quite capable of defending themselves. In fact that was your example.

TROTTER: I respectfully disagree. I understand that you were also a graduate of the University of Virginia School Law, and you were close to Monticello where Thomas Jefferson penned our Declaration of Independence, and close to Montpelier where James Madison was instrumental in drafting the Bill of Rights. And I think you can understand, that as a woman, I think it’s very important not to place undue burdens on our 2nd Amendment right to choose to defend ourselves. I don’t know what weapon she used, but…

WHITEHOUSE: My point is that the example you used is one that would not bear an argument in the proposal that is before us, because that Remington 870 Express is a weapon that would be perfectly allowed.

That’s odd. Perhaps the bright lights and all the press made Ms. Trotter a little nervous. One is entitled to forget small details like what type of weapon the young woman was using. The spectacle of it all must have really thrown her for a loop. She seemed a bit befuddled when she talked about how Senator Whitehouse’s law school was near the location that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison wrote our country’s founding documents. Somehow it doesn’t adequately illustrate Ms. Trotter’s expertise. She must have forgotten what her point was.

Perhaps a little background on her qualifications will better illustrate why we should construct a memorial to Ms. Trotter. First, let’s take a look at the women who Ms. Trotter has advocated for. Her blog contains a basic bio:

Gayle Shafer Trotter is a writer and blogger whose work regularly appears in the online editions of the Washington Post, the Daily Caller and First Things. She has interviewed authors and public figures, including Rick Santorum, George Weigel and Nightline’s John Donvan. Gayle is a co-founder of Shafer & Trotter PLC, a law firm in metropolitan Washington, D.C. that advises entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

Perhaps that’s not the best example. It’s doesn’t list her experience on women’s issues. She’s interviewed former Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, who was so far to the right that he was soon pushed aside because of his extreme views on a woman’s right to choose. George Weigel works for Ethics and Public Policy Center; he’s a Catholic theologian and activist. John Donvan is a news correspondent whose main focus has been international politics. Perhaps her work with entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals is mostly women. Let’s take a peek at the third publication listed – First Things.

While the current post on First Things does talk about guns (Finding My Inner Gun Owner), the blog is more accurately a religious-based blog that covers a variety of topics. What does Ms. Trotter cover? She interviewed Rick Santorum twice, and then a bunch of authors on a variety of topics like “Is Christian the New Gay?” and “Can Buddhists Teach Christmas?” That’s curious. I bet that’s her side gig.

Enough fooling around here. Let’s find out about her current and main job: senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum. The mission of the IWF is:

To expand the conservative coalition, both by increasing the number of women who understand and value the benefits of limited government, personal liberty, and free markets, and by countering those who seek to ever-expand government in the name of protecting women. IWF is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and educational institution.

Well, that’s rather vague. It sounds like the description of a conservative think tank, with a Tea Party twist. It’s probably just coincidence that she mentioned Thomas Jefferson and James Madison during her testimony. It probably isn’t related to the IWF’s mission to reduce government. We all know the founding fathers wanted women to have high-powered weapons to defend themselves. Let’s check the topics, just to be sure.

Well, here you go. There are several posts on the Violence Against Women Act. Surely her concern for the safety of women, and her expertise on how guns affect women in violent situations, will be vindicated here. There are two articles on the topic. The first one is named, “There Are Real Reasons to Opposes VAWA,” and the second is, “Rep. Adams Proposes VAWA Fix.”

While the one on a proposed fix by Representative Adams is relevant, the contents of the first article will surely shed light on the situation. Yes, indeed it does. There’s one point that explains everything. Ms. Trotter points to a criticism that some have had of the program. Obviously she agrees, or she would not have included it. She states that the Violence Against Women Act:

Embraces gender stereotypes by casting women as victims and men as abusers.

Surely, there’s something to be said for making a program better, but I’m a bit confused on the point about the program embracing stereotypes that women are the victims and men are abusers. Isn’t that the point that Ms. Trotter was trying to make at yesterday’s hearing? That’s just a tad contradictory.

Well, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. It seems Ms. Trotter isn’t really an expert on women and gun control. It seems that, instead, she’s a stooge for those on the conservative side of the political spectrum. I think Senator Whitehouse realized that, although her hair was long and she’s obviously a woman, she really doesn’t speak for women on the issue of gun control. I’m afraid Ms. Trotter’s qualifications have been debunked.