Fox And Friends Mocks University For Accepting Wicca As A Religion (VIDEO)

By now everyone knows that Fox News is full of crazy talk. From the imaginary War on Christmas to claims that Christians are oppressed, Fox News is at the forefront of pushing the idea that Christianity is right and everyone else is wrong. So, when the University of Missouri included holidays for the Wiccan religion, the hosts of Fox and Friends on February 17th just could not help themselves.

Here’s the video:

He said to call him a bigot, so we shall. For one, the University of Missouri added the 8 Wiccan holidays to their religious calender. Fox and Friends however claimed that there are 20 holidays, so either they can’t add, or they are including something else. If you add up all of the non-judeo-christian faiths, however, you do get 20 holidays. So, as usual, Fox and Friends is making claims, without any basis in fact, and spitting them out to their audience.

The 8 holidays, called Sabbats, in Wicca are as follows (taken right from the UofM calender, some holidays have multiple names, depending on which branch of Wicca you are following):

Yule / Midwinter / Winter Solstice
Imbolc / Candlemas
Ostara / Spring Equinox
Litha / Midsomer / Summer Solstice
Lammas / Lughnasadh
Mabon / Autumnal Equinox

As for the claim that those who practice Wicca are people who either are role-players with a preference to Dungeons and Dragons, or country midwives who have had multiple failed marriages, that is not only silly, it is offensive for those of the faith. They ask if anyone knows a Wiccan, there is a sizable Wiccan population in the US, and it has been on the rise for decades, and now has a population in the US which surpasses religions such as Baha’i, Scientology and Hinduism.

Practitioners of Wicca are every day people, not some fringe element. You can find Wiccans in Fortune 500 firms, musicians, everyday people living everyday lives. That a major news network would degrade any religion is shameful. To attack one, making it out that it is only for those who want holidays, is ridiculous. Even simple examination would show that actual days off for Wiccan holidays is less than for Christian holidays at the school, and many of them fall around the same time, so would be time off regardless. It is preposterous in this day and age that such drivel and bigoted statements are found on “news” stations.

But then again, this is Fox we are talking about. Fox is engaging in the same old behavior, attempting to reinforce their reality-bubble. To them, the addition of holidays to a minority religion is not inclusion. It is instead an attack on their faith, as if faith is some finite resource and to include another faith must take from an existing one. This is preposterous on its face.

If the hosts of Fox and Friends don’t know any Wiccans, then let us meet one. Sgt Patrick D. Stewart was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star in Operation Desert Storm. The US Military has accepted Wiccan soldiers and officers in its ranks for many years. The US Army chaplain’s handbook has included a section dedicated to the faith since 1978. For Fox News, an organization which has been very pro-war in the past, this disrespect to those who also happen to be among our soldier ranks — and who happen to wear a pentacle, rather than a cross — is disgraceful.

The hosts of Fox and Friends need to learn to understand before they open their mouths. By this action, they reveal themselves as ignorant fools. What is sad is how many people chose to live in their reality bubble, and shall listen to them regardless.

Let us tip our hats off to the Univerity of Missouri, for recognizing those who practice Wicca, and in so doing, teaching us all to be more tolerant to those who are different, weither it be of religion, creed, our skin color or nationality, or even who we fall in love and wish to start a family with. After all, who was it who said “Love each other in the same way that I have loved you?”

A humble Jewish carpenter we now call Jesus Christ.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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