NRA President Confident Of ‘Win’ In Gun Control Debate Because ‘Guns Are Cool’

David Keene, NRA President; @CNN

David Keene, NRA President; @CNN

What’s more offensive than referring to the gun control debate sparked off by the Sandy Hook massacre as a “battle” in a “war”? Saying that you’re confident that you’re going to win because the killing product that you market is “cool.” Lately, the NRA doesn’t seem to care if what they do and say is offensive, though, as the recent events keep piling on. In an article published Saturday by the  Milwaukee-Wisconsin Sentinel Journal, NRA chief David Keene had some interesting things to say on the subject of the gun control debate:

Keene argues the organization will come out of this fight just fine, partly because it has fought and won similar battles before.

“They thought that everything was going to change because of Newtown,” Keene says of gun control advocates. “I’m not sure that’s happened.”

He says guns and shooting sports are more popular, and the constituency for gun rights more cohesive, than two decades ago, when the NRA suffered its last really big defeat: passage of the assault weapons ban, which has since lapsed.

“The difference between today and 15 years ago is that today, guns are cool,” says Keene.

Well I, for one, am excited to see the “guns are cool” talking point take the national stage. Although that comment by Keene is incredibly offensive, especially to the families of those killed in the Newtown shooting, it might be a good sign; after all, if the “cool” argument is truly shaping up to be something the NRA sees as a positive in their fight to arm everyone, there’s quite a bit of hope that people are opening their eyes and seeing the damage that massive shootings can cause.

It’s massive shootings that are the problem when it comes to assault rifles, too. Conservatives like to make the argument that rifles only cause a very low percentage of shooting deaths (really aren’t helping their overall case there, but I digress), and that is true. However, they form a much higher percentage of deaths in mass shootings — the kind heard around the nation. Of course, when someone’s mind is made up, they only see and hear subjectively.

Mr. Keene, I think I speak for quite a few people when I tell you that no matter how “cool” a weapon is, it ceases to be acceptable when it causes the deaths of children. Enough is enough.


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