Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Slams Sean Hannity During Fox News Appearance (VIDEO)

Screenshot from Hannity Show.

Screenshot from Hannity Show.

It’s not every day that Fox News invites a guest on the air that openly slams them for being a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night.

Fox News host Sean Hannity was slammed by the brutal truth on his own show by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison in an appearance that Hannity is unlikely to forget any time soon.

During the show, Hannity attempted to blame President Obama for the consequences of the upcoming sequester cuts and accused Obama of trying to scare the American people. Ellison took issue with Hannity’s claims, and called him “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.” Things only got worse for Hannity from there as Ellison went on the offensive and accused him of practicing “yellow journalism” and violating journalistic ethics. Ellison then called Hannity nothing more than a “shill for the Republican Party,” and said Hannity is “immoral” for saying things “that aren’t true.”

Here’s the video of the exchange:

It’s about time a Democrat had the guts to call out Fox. For years, Fox hosts have been nothing more than mouthpieces for the Republican party and no matter what the facts are or what the evidence is, they repeat the same misinformation and accusations in what is now known as the conservative echo chamber.

The fact is, Hannity was totally out of line to blame the President for a deal Republicans basically forced him into. If Republicans had accepted the compromises President Obama offered back in the summer of 2011 there wouldn’t be sequestration cuts. But Republicans have refused to compromise with President Obama each and every time, even when Social Security and Medicare cuts were on the table. So, in 2011, a “super committee” was formed with an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. If the committee failed to reach a deal, that would trigger sequestration cuts that were designed to be so awful that it would force a compromise. The only problem is that one side still refused to compromise. That side, of course, was the Republican Party.

The President can’t be expected to negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate. In fact, compromising with the GOP is so bad right now, that even the talks with Iran are going better because at least both sides are still talking. The Republicans are being so ridiculously immovable that the only deal they would make is one in which they get everything they want, while Democrats get nothing. That is not “negotiating,” that’s hostage taking and the GOP has gotten addicted to the tactic.

The reason Republicans are doing this is because they don’t want President Obama to have any political victories in his second term. They are still trying to sabotage Obama’s presidency even after taking huge losses in the 2012 Election. The American people clearly rejected Republicans, and now Republicans are holding America hostage for it. The GOP is playing a childish game, throwing a temper tantrum and risking the economic health of the country. Despite what Americans voted for, Republicans demand that they get their own way. To that end, Fox News continues to blame President Obama for something that Republicans could easily fix by actually compromising with Democrats. Keith Ellison boldly defended the President on Tuesday night. He stood up for the truth and if there is one thing in this world Republicans can’t handle, it’s the truth.