Phelps Says Gay Athlete Was Cause Of Tornado

The madness of Westboro; image@UPI

The madness of Westboro; image@UPI

Right on cue, Westboro Baptist blames the Oklahoma tornado on a gay man. I know, color you unsurprised: what would a disaster be without stupidity and nastiness from the religious right? Would that we could find out but, alas, not this time.

Fred Phelps has his own idea about what caused the May 20th F5 tornado to land near Oklahoma City:

Phelps tweet 2 Phelps tweet

Yep. That’s right. The church of “God Hates Fags” is johnny-on-the-spot with their obligatory hatred. Their God is pretty nasty and I doubt very much that it’s the same one my Christian friends worship. They say that the god one creates is just like them: hating who they hate, punishing who they would punish and destroying entire towns just to make a point. Dead children are merely collateral damage. That seems to be the case with WBC and their god.

So Jason Collins is responsible for this disaster, according to Phelps and his vile entourage. Okay then, by that logic the Westboro Baptist Church is responsible for the terrible snowstorms that affected Kansas this past winter. God must hate people who use His name to hate on others. About that federal disaster aid money, Mr. Phelps… we will be expecting repayment. Just send in a check. Because, hey – if God didn’t think you could afford it, He wouldn’t have sent those snowstorms, right?

If you actually have a heart and want to help the victims of the tornado, you can donate to the Red Cross.

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