Florida Mayor Candidate Claims Jesus Endorsed Her, Gets Only 56 Votes, Loses To Gay Man (VIDEO)

Author: May 23, 2013 1:23 pm
Anna Pierre Mayor Candidate for North Miami FL Says Jesus Endorsed Her

Photo screen captured from NBC News footage.

Seven candidates ran for Mayor of North Miami, FL in Tuesday’s race. Who can blame them? North Miami’s a beautiful and fascinating place. One candidate in particular appeared to feel extremely confident about winning. Anne Pierre — a nurse, mom, radio DJ, and Haitian creole pop star with a Master’s degree in Public Health — claimed that she had been endorsed by none other than our savior, Jesus Christ. She told The Miami Herald:

“I had a revelation when I was going to give up on this race. I had a dream. I know what I saw. A figure I can’t explain told me, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am your friend. I am walking with you side by side. You are not alone.’ I felt it was from heaven. It was an endorsement by Jesus.”

When a reporter from NBC’s local news station, Channel 6, asked, “Do you think this might make people think you’re a little bit nuts?” Pierre emphatically responded:
“I’m not nuts! And if I’m freaking nuts for Jesus, let it be! Let the world know Jesus is it! And when you have Jesus on your side, you can’t go wrong, and […] yes, I’m endorsed by Jesus, but I’m gonna be the mayor for all North Miami. Thank you Channel 6!”
When the reporter asked a fellow candidate for his thoughts, he grinned and replied, “I don’t wanna touch that one!”
If voters think Pierre’s “freaking nuts,” who can blame them? Back in early April, she made local news headlines when she claimed someone was using voodoo against her. She told Nadege Green from the The Miami Herald that she kept finding “chicken feathers, food scraps and candles” on her office doorstep, and:

“I found little dolls with needles in it. They put a lot of pennies in front of my office door. I’m from Haiti. I know what it is.”

Unfortunately, Jesus was one of only 56 people who voted for Pierre. Matthew Tharrett from Queerty reported that she lost to all six of the other candidates, including the suburb’s openly gay former mayor, Kevin Burns. Pierre angrily wrote on her facebook page that the “administration screwed me big time,” and that North Miami had chosen “Lucifer over Jesus.” Standing in for Satan is Lucie Tondreau, who has the current mayor’s endorsement and who will face Burns — the other top candidate — in the upcoming run-off election.

Here’s the video:

And here’s a bonus video with Princess Anna Pierre singing her 1990’s creole hit, “Mete Suk Sou Bon Bon” (Put Some Sugar On My Cookie):

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  • Or perhaps Miami citizens are getting tired of false piety religious types? Yeah, she’s freaking nuts.

  • ohgoodgrief99

    I LOVE IT! I think I’ll print out the headlines and photo and frame it and hang it on the wall. Too funny–especially losing to a gay man.

    Seriously though, she dreamed about a figure she can’t explain and just ASSUMED it was from “heaven”? Sounds more like the “Trickster” to me–or just plain religious delusion.

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