‘I’m Not Wearing Pants!’ And 19 Other Ridiculous Examples Of Sexism At Fox News (VIDEO)

Fox News Panel  Sexual Harrassment You Decide

Screen shot from Media Matters’ video montage featuring snippets of male chauvinist banter from Fox News:  “Sexual Harrassment? You Decide”

Oh, this is rich. Our friends at Media Matters have put together a delightful little video-compilation for all to enjoy. It’s called, “Sexual Harassment: You Decide” and features a montage of various inappropriate moments with the various ‘on-air personalities’ from Fox News. (So I know I’ve decided.)

One has to wonder why any woman would want to appear on Fox much less work for that lousy bunch good ol’ boys. I mean, it’s Fox News for crying out loud. The general rules of common decency, etiquette and respect for women do not apply. Such rules simply have no place there. In Foxland, ‘Fair and Balanced’ news is more like ‘Fair and Are You F**king Kidding Me?’

Yet women get Foxed every day on the show. We see some of them in this lovely audio-visual potpourri of insulting, demeaning, and sexist slurs. Such comments in any other company would lead to a sure expulsion or lawsuit. Not with Fox. They are immune to all the laws, in all the lands.

Where to begin … Here are a few of the least offensive slurs. The best are left for viewing pleasure. It’s well worth the 77 seconds of time. Just make sure that you wait a half hour before eating after watching this:

Brian Kilmeade: “Thank you, Hooters! That’s how I wake up everyday.”(Thank you, Bob we’re not surprised!)

Brian Kilmeade: “She’s a great actress. And she’s got a great body.” (Oh, Brian…)

Rush Limbaugh: “I love women. Where did all this get started? I LOVE the women’s movement – especially when I’m walking behind them!” (Pig.)

Glenn Beck: “You are so hot – and I mean that!” (Glenn, Glenn, Glenn… you are so not – and I mean that.)

Here’s the video:

Oh, to have only heard her say:

“Glenn, I’ve got some time, a camera, and an attorney. Why don’t you stop by?”

I imagine the Fox News Sexual Slur and Harassment Archives are packed full. Thanks, Media Matters, for taking the time to pluck out some jewels and put them on video. They make me proud to be a Liberal.

(The author, Leslie Salzillo, is an activist, political commentator, and visual artist. Salzillo often writes diaries in Daily Kos and began contributing to AddictingInfo.org in March of 2013.)