Bigoted Christians Threaten To Hold Their Breath If SCOTUS Rules For Marriage Equality


Bigoted The arrogance of some pseudo-Christians is really getting out of hand. They have been whining and threatening since the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop. 8 in March but now they have signed a letter (no, not a letter… anything but that!) promising… um… it’s not clear. But they will be really, really angry!

More than 200 Christian… sorry, “Christian” groups have signed a letter that is basically the equivalent of stomping their feet and yelling. The letter claims that “god’s law” trumps the Constitution and that these groups will ignore the ruling if it’s not to their taste. Exactly what they will do isn’t spelled out but, by gawd, they’ll do something!

The signers of the letter represent the usual bigoted, hateful suspects. From Ralph Reed of the Faith And Freedom Conference to James Dobson, founder of the Family Research Council and Focus On The Family to Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, the list is loaded with people who are synonymous with prejudice against LGBT Americans. The list includes 10 of the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s thirty-seven anti-gay hate groups.

In the letter, the Gawd Squad displays a breathtaking ignorance of the Supreme Court’s position and authority. To wit:

“If the Supreme Court were to issue a decision that redefined marriage or provided a precedent on which to build an argument to redefine marriage, the Supreme Court will thereby undermine its legitimacy. The Court will significantly decrease its credibility and impair the role it has assumed for itself as a moral authority. It will be acting beyond its proper constitutional role and contrary to the Natural Moral Law which transcends religions, culture, and time.”

Where does one begin? First of all, that old “re-defining marriage” argument has been blasted on this very site: marriage has been re-defined many times. This new paradigm of marriage is just the latest change. The Supreme Court will “undermine its legitimacy” and “decrease its credibility?” Do these idiots realize what country they live in and the Court’s responsibility in it, which is defined by the Constitution? Do they even know what the Constitution is? Do they know that interpreting the law according to the Constitution IS the SCOTUS’ proper role? And I have more news for them: Natural Moral Law does not trump that paper. Not in America, no matter how hard they wish it wasn’t so. And it most certainly doesn’t transcend time. What the hell does that even mean?

But they don’t stop with these moronic assertions. No, they bring in their favorite whine on this subject:

“Experience and history have shown us that if the government redefines marriage to grant a legal equivalency to same-sex couples, that same government will then enforce such an action with the police power of the State. This will bring about an inevitable collision with religious freedom and conscience rights.”

Newsflash, bozos – the law is meant to be enforced. It is not your prerogative to ignore it and continue to persecute people with whom you disagree. I can’t do it because your bigotry is against my religion and you can’t do it because being gay is against yours. That is the way the law works. If you don’t like it, you can go found your own country where you are free to hate and beat up on anyone you like. But that ain’t this country, gang. Religious freedom does not equate to being able to have everything your way like petulant seven-year-olds. Grow the hell up.

For your edification, here is a partial list of groups and individuals who signed this odious letter (thank you,

American Family Association
American Family Association of Pennsylvania
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality
Family Research Council
Illinois Family Institute
Mission America
The Pray in Jesus Name Project
Traditional Values Coalition
You Can Run But You Can Not Hide International (now, there’s a creepy name)

These individuals also signed:
Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel and Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern (who co-authored the letter), Dr. Alveda C. King (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece), Bishop Harry Jackson, Ken Blackwell, Tony Perkins, Jim Garlow, Janet Parshall, World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Janice Crouse, Janet Porter, Linda Harvey, Bradlee Dean, James Dobson (founder of the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family), Richard Land of the Southern Baptists Convention, Star Parker, Pastor Rick Joyner, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Cindy and Mike Jacobs, Don and Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, Gary L. Bauer of American Values, and  Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

There you have it, the most bigoted, hateful, ugly pseudo-Christians in America. What they will actually do when the SCOTUS decides for marriage equality is unclear. But I’ll bet we will hear their childish stomping and screaming when they learn that they don’t rule this country. Maybe they will realize that the Constitution trumps their idiot “Natural Moral Law” and that religious freedom is not the concept that they think it is. Don’t hold your breath.