Real Doctor Smacks Down Koch Brothers Anti-Obamacare Ad (VIDEO)

Obamacare Smack Down


Could it be that those on the correct side of history (note I did not say the Right side of history) are learning how to fight? Could it be that they are learning not to leave fallacies dangling in the ether to metastasize into the American psyche?

Maybe they have. The video below answering the misleading Koch Brothers anti Affordable Care Act ad is a good first step. Answering the misconception of whether one can choose their doctors, or whether or why rates may or may not go up is important. It was refreshing to see that the ad makes it clear that insurance companies could not rescind policies, put caps on policies, or deny those with pre-existing conditions coverage.

Most importantly without getting into the weeds, the ad smacked the idiocy that one should fear the government elected by all citizens and that can be fired by all citizens more so than an insurance company whose sole purpose is to generate a profit at all cost for its shareholders. In other words, who do you trust more, the company that is answerable to a few shareholders or the government all citizens can choose to elect or choose to fire?

Unfettered truth is all that is needed to win the ideological battle. After all it is fact that the ideology pushed by the Right only exacerbates income and wealth inequality. As such, incessant lies and deception is necessary to promote it.

Here is the video: