Tyrannosaurus Rex Was A Vegan…Says Idiot Creationist (VIDEO)

Meet Stan. Stan is one of the most vicious land animals ever to walk this planet. And, according to Creationists, Stan is a vegetarian…

Say what?

Paul Taylor of Creation Today uploaded a video to YouTube where he proclaimed that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, such as Stan above, likely “ate people” but that, at its heart, it was a vegetarian.

“One thing is for sure: the theropod dinosaurs were not created to eat meat. God created all creatures to eat plants, and he gave some of them sharp teeth so that they would be able to do so. Some of those particular mechanisms of different sorts, including teeth, may have changed after Adam’s sin so that such creatures could eat meat.”

Here’s the video:

This is, of course, rubbish. For one, we’ve not found a gash in a triceratops, like claimed, but an actual tooth still within the tailbone of a duck-billed dinosaur, as you can see below.

A T. Rex tooth embedded into the tailbone of a duck-billed dinosaur. Image by Fallon Cohen @ NBC News

In other words, not circumstantial evidence at all, Tyrannosaurus Rex was a killer.

There is no remote possibility that the mighty T-Rex ate any people; sorry to squash those fantasies Paul Taylor. But, let us dismiss this pointless rhetoric a moment and ask if there is any evidence for his claims regarding sharp teeth and eating plants. He did, after all, provide two examples: The Flying Fox and the Panda. So let’s compare the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex against these two:

Full disclaimer, all T. Rex skeletons in this article were recovered by the authors cousin, Stan Sacrison

Full disclaimer, all T. Rex skeletons in this article were recovered by the authors cousin, Stan Sacrison

Labelled Flying Fox skull

Panda Skull from the Smithsonian Institute

Panda Skull from the Smithsonian Institute

The difference is stark: while, yes, the Flying Fox and Panda teeth are sharp, they are not as uniform as the T. Rex teeth. They are, in animal teeth terms, heterodont. The different teeth have different jobs, some for grinding plant material, other for tearing flesh. This allows the animal, biologically, to eat several different kinds of foods, in theory. In the Panda’s case, other areas of their body, namely their digestive tract, have all but eliminated this option. By comparison, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex has uniform teeth, homodont, like a Great White Shark. Their teeth have but one task and, like the mighty Great White, the T. Rex’s task is to rip apart flesh. The Panda and Flying Fox both have molars, allowing them to grind plant material. The T. Rex lacks such a feature; it simply could not eat plants.

As even when facing creationist rubbish, we turn to Peter Hadfield. Here’s the video:

But why do creationists insist on saying such easily debunked junk?

They have no interest in evidence, in science, only in peddling their dogmatic vision of religion wrapped up in whatever pretty ribbon they happen to have on hand. Science has already determined that humans evolved millions of years after the Tyrannosaurus Rex passed away, killed by the rapidly changing climate, and likely helped along to extinction by an asteroid impact in Mexico.

What will it take to convince the Creationists how ridiculous they are? Likely nothing. After all, they already made up their mind, without any evidence. Why would they listen to the evidence now?