Florida Police Chief Worries George Zimmerman Is ‘A Sandy Hook Waiting To Happen’


George Zimmerman’s police chief has expressed concern that Zimmerman might be a “ticking time bomb” who could turn into a mass shooter.

An email to the police chief of Lake Mary, Florida, wanted Zimmerman in jail; not because he wants justice for Trayvon Martin, but because he’s afraid Zimmerman is “a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen.” As Think Progress reports, those are the words of one Santiago Rodriguez, apparently a resident of or near Lake Mary, Florida, the town where Zimmerman recently had an altercation with his ex-wife-to-be that may or may not have involved a gun. The police are trying to extract video from a smashed iPad that may show what happened during the confrontation between Zimmerman, wife Shellie and her father.

Interestingly, while Shellie Zimmerman says her husband hit her father in the face, George Zimmerman – in a defense that’s reminiscent of Trayvon Martin – says his father-in-law confronted and attacked him out of nowhere. From AP:

In the report George Zimmerman told investigators that his wife had told him she was done picking up her belongings. He said he locked the front door and went to the garage to close it when Shellie Zimmerman’s father confronted him, according to the report.

Shellie Zimmerman’s father threw down his glasses and charged his son-in-law, according to George Zimmerman’s account. Shellie Zimmerman at some point hit her husband with her iPad, George Zimmerman told investigators.

Sound familiar? The AP also noted that the police report found no signs of redness, marks or trauma on Zimmerman where he said he had been struck.

While the police continue investigating, Rodriguez, who appears to have a lot of familiarity with the area (but did not specifically say he lives there), wrote to the chief of police to complain that Zimmerman could snap and become a Sandy Hook or Aurora-type shooter. In a detailed response to Rodriguez, Police Chief Steve Bracknell replied, “Your reference to Sandy Hook… I agree.” (The original has many more ellipses.)

Think Progress points out:

What is not in dispute is that Zimmerman, despite his legal troubles and the police chief’s concerns, is still permitted to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Florida. In Florida, unlike other states like New York and New Jersey, authorities have no discretion over whether to grant or revoke concealed carry permits. Dr. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, recently told Salon, “You’ve got all kinds of George Zimmermans and everything in between there who fall through the cracks of our exclusions. But if you ask any reasonable person how comfortable they are with an individual like that running around with a concealed, loaded gun, the vast majority would say they are not.”

Since he was acquitted of charges related to shooting and killing the unarmed Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has repeatedly gotten into trouble. Shellie Zimmerman, after filing for divorce has described him as “selfish,” “verbally abusive,” feeling “invincible” and “making some reckless decisions.” Many people feel that George Zimmerman has already gotten away with murder once. Who can blame Floridians for worrying that he’ll kill someone again – or worse?