David Carrender, Another ‘Responsible’ Gun Owner, Shoots And Kills Son Over Football

David Carrender, A 'Responsible' Gun Owner, Shoots And Kills Son

David Carrender shot and killed his son on Sunday after a dispute over a football game. How many more will die because of ‘responsible’ gun owners?
Image Credit: robertnelson via Flickr.com

Over the last few years, every gun death strikes a nerve. We have witnessed so many horrendous deaths as a result of the ‘responsible’ gun owner crowd, it’s sickening. The right always, always screams that guns save lives. We need more guns; that is the only way we are going to stop gun deaths. They really believe that moronic theory, which is pretty disturbing but not at all surprising when you think about who said it. On Sunday, their little theory proved once again to be untrue again when another life was taken away by one of those gun owners in Indiana. A teenage life snatched away by his father, David Carrender, over a football dispute of all things.

David Carrender retrieved his handgun and shot his son.

On Sunday David Carrender, 49 and his 19-year-old son, Wyatt Carrender, watched games together at a local restaurant or bar when Wyatt said he wanted to go home. His father was not ready to leave yet and the two began arguing. Police say the argument continued when the pair returned home and that’s when tragedy struck. The father retrieved his handgun and shot his son six times, according to Sheriff Robert Downey. Neighbor, Tony White, said he heard the fatal gunshots.

“I heard a series of four to five gunshots real quick,” says White, who lives across the street from Carrender. “I heard what I assumed was the young boy’s girlfriend scream. She was asking him (the father) why he had done it. She was just in terrible shape.” [SOURCE]

David Carrender has brandished his firearm before.

White also says that his wife witnessed an altercation between David and another person over the summer.

“They got out in the yard and got to fighting, screaming. Someone was yelling, ‘Put the gun away, put the gun away.’ Nothing really happened after that incident. That blew over.” [SOURCE]

Nothing happened again until Sunday that is. Now a man who has a history, at least according to neighbors, of pulling out his firearm and threatening people has murdered his son. Sheriff Downey confirmed that the department was looking into previous incidents where the police were called to the home. David Carrender is being held without bond under a preliminary charge of murder until prosecutors formally charge him in court. Unfortunately for Wyatt the damage is done, his life is gone.

Gun nut advocates will say that David Carrender was not a responsible gun owner. He wasn’t one of them and he doesn’t count. Of course he doesn’t, because if he did they could not hide behind their ‘guns save lives’ line. You see, they are all responsible gun owners until they are not. And when they go crazy and shoot up their workplace or kill their kid, people on the right are really quick to wash their hands of them. All of the sudden they don’t count and it’s as if just last week they weren’t encouraging them to cling to their Second Amendment and their gun. That is how Republicans operate, support them until they do something bad and then say they never supported them at all. But in this case, gun rights people are dying. A LOT of people are dying!

So, I’ll ask again, the same way I do every time I do one of these stories: how many people are going to die before our elected officials do something to control it?