White Supremacist Has DNA Test To Prove His Racial Purity, Hilarity Ensues (VIDEO)

Author: November 11, 2013 6:49 pm

Talk Show Audience Roars With Laughter As White Supremacist Is Told His DNA Is Part Black

Remember that white supremacist named Craig Cobb who wants to build a whites-only paradise? As it turns out, he isn’t so racially pure after all, and he’s in denial about it.

White supremacist Craig Cobb was stunned when his DNA test revealed he had African origins on The Trisha Goddard Show

Cobb volunteered a DNA sample to The Trisha Goddard Show for its continuing series on Race in America and the results couldn’t have been more hilarious. During the upcoming episode, Goddard revealed that Cobb’s test showed that he has African origins. Approximately 14 percent of his genes are sub-Saharan African. In short, Cobb is over one-tenth African-American.

“You have a little black in you,” Goddard informed a stunned Cobb. The audience found the results highly amusing and laughed as Cobb tried to pretend they were wrong. He also refused to fist bump Goddard- who is black- when she attempted to congratulate him for discovering a new part of himself. The news sent Cobb into a state of denial and he fell back to the conservative strategy of attacking the science. He accused the show of sabotaging the results in some sort of liberal plot to “promote multiculturalism.”

Despite the results, Cobb is still a racist who pals around with Nazis

Cobb doesn’t plan to sing kumbaya with members of other races because of his DNA results. “Oil and water don’t mix,” he declared on Goddard’s show upon learning his heritage. If anything, he’s doubling down on his racism. He’s still best pals with Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Shoep and refuses to stop considering himself a “purebred.”

Cobb has been foiled again and again in his attempt to build a racist paradise in North Dakota

Ever since he stated his intention to invade a tiny North Dakota town with the intent of transforming it into a racist haven, Cobb has met one misfortune after another. Toward the end of September, Native Americans stood up to Cobb and his ilk and told them to go back where they came from. And then it got even worse for Cobb when his septic system turned his property into a pile of crap.

Does Cobb hate himself now?

Both instances are hilarious foils of Cobb’s plan, but not nearly as funny as his DNA test. For years, Cobb has been an ardent racist. He’s even a wanted man in Canada for committing hate crimes. So it’s just plain funny that the angry racist white purity guy who thinks black people are “inferior” has “inferior” blood running through his veins. I just have two questions. Number one, does Cobb hate himself now? And number two, why hasn’t the United States government extradited Cobb to Canada to answer for his crimes?

All white people have African origins

The fact is, all of humanity can trace its ancestry to Africa. Prior to humans migrating into Europe, all people had brown skin. As it turns out, white skin is a mutation that occurred after the exodus. Scientists made this discovery in 2005. Basically, no white human on the planet can say that their DNA is “pure.” White supremacists will say that the science is wrong, but that’s simply because they’re afraid to look themselves in mirror and think about the truth. Their entire belief system would shatter into a billion pieces if they did. So next time you meet a white racist, be sure to tell them all about the science, and then watch with amusement as they act just as shocked and dumbfounded as Craig Cobb did.

Cobb has made multiple appearances on the Trisha Goddard Show and this episode will air in its entirety on November 18th.


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  • A small grey stripe and a slightly longer fin in relationship to the Bottlenose is all that makes the Barrunan dolphin a unique species. Africans and Europeans have completely different coloration, bone structure, facial characteristics, skull shape, limb length. By irrefutable simple scientific logic i conclude ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ to be different species. If you deny this you deny both science and logic.

    Furthermore. Shave nearly any animal and you will find white skin. Black skin is a genetic adaptation, white skin is not. Although this fact has little significance.

    The “out of africa” theory is simply minded and idiotic, although it is a piece of a complex puzzle. Ancient africans did not suddenly sweep across the globe and wipe out species who were stronger, smarter, and better designed for cold climates. Simply BS. The only thing this theory has going for it is simplicity, so even the average idiot marxist can understand it and parrot it back to other lemmings.

    The fact is many proto-human species did not disappear. The races (species) we have today are interbred remnants. Geographical extremes hold the most pure, most distant genetics. Think Scandinavia vs sub. Saharan Africa. Completely different species of humanoid. You can read about this at atala.fr, but i wouldn’t recommend it because you are all too stupid.

    Notice how i made points, with real information and ideas? “addictinginfo” What a laugh. Typical marxists namecalling and playing politics while presenting zero information.

    • Seriously? What about DOGS? A poodle and a chihuahua has more differences compared to the differences of a white and a black man, yet all dogs are classified as Canis lupus familiaris. What really separates them is by their dna composition. A pure german sheperd may look more like a wolf than and bulldog but genetically speaking the bulldog is just the same as the sheperd.

      A white man shares 98% dna with a chimp, but 100% with an african. Remember that.

  • Mr. Cobb should have known better.
    Hubris, indeed, does breed nemesis (as they used to say in my Philosophy class).

    And in Mr. Cobb’s case, that nemesis came back and took a big, juicy chunk right out of him…on national T.V. yet!

    When it airs–it should be some show to watch!

  • We’re all Pure Human.
    Unfortunately- all to many folks seem to feel that their ‘origins’ are somehow better in all things. Shades of Voltaire’s Candide.

    Almost as hilarious as finding out th at Hitler’s ancestry included both Berbers of Africa and Jews.

    • I almost never quote the Bible as I’m not a “bible thumper” but can you imagine a better current example of Matthew 23:12 ?

      “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

      Or, to put it in today’s vernacular – Everybody has an a _ _ hole but no one likes you when you act like one!

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