California Republicans Create Fake Healthcare Website To Mislead Constituents

California Republicans Create Fake Healthcare Website To Mislead Constituents

California Republicans created a fake healthcare website with the specific purpose of misleading people about the Affordable Care Act.

Starting in mid-November, Republican members of the California State Assembly began sending out mailings to CA residents. The mailings, titled “Covering California, A Resource Guide,” are meant to steer people away from the state’s real healthcare exchange, pointing them instead to a fake healthcare website.

State resources were used for the flier and fake website.

The fake healthcare website appears to have been created by CA state Assembly member staff and paid for with state funds. It is nothing more than a right wing propaganda site.


The misleading flier “Covering California,” which directs people to the fake healthcare website, was also paid for by the state’s taxpayers. The flier is clearly marked with a standard mailing label, “US postage paid California State Assembly.”

 The flier is meant to mislead voters about the ACA.

The mailing itself gives constituents bad information. For instance, it claims that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains “18 separate tax increases, estimated to cost taxpayers $503 billion dollars between 2010 and 2019.” The flier does not mention that the majority of new taxes will be paid by the medical and pharmaceutical industries, not the average taxpayer. It also does not mention the $5,548 tax credit that an average taxpayer will get, to help offset the cost of health insurance.

But the purpose of the mailer isn’t to educate. It is to mislead. More importantly, the flier is being used to direct people to the fake healthcare website, instead of the state’s real healthcare exchange.

Under a section of the flier titled “What You Need To Do To Follow The Law,” it says there are three options:

  1. You can purchase health insurance on your own (through a licensed insurance broker or through a health insurance company)
  2. You can purchase a plan at the state’s new health insurance marketplace called Covered California.
  3. You can be covered by an expansion of MediCal, the state’s health insurance for low income individuals and families.

The flier then says this:

The federal law is complex. For more information regarding your particular situation visit

 The fake healthcare website links to right wing propaganda.

The big problem is that is nothing but a propaganda website. The fake healthcare website provides no helpful information on what a person can do to follow the law. What it does provide is a lot of links to slanted articles about the Affordable Care Act. It features op-eds with lively titles such as “You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor,” (fact check that) and “news” pieces such as “Children’s Advocates Say New Dental Plan Not That Filling After All.

And it’s not just that CA republicans are steering people away from the state’s real exchange to this fake healthcare website. It’s worse, because they created this website, and they used public resources to do it.

 Who created the website?

The fake healthcare website is registered to Sabrina Lockhart. Lockhart works as the Communications Director and Press Secretary for CA Republican Assembly Leader, Connie Conway. The website was created using the State Assembly’s address. The phone number on the registration is for the public office of Assembly woman Conway.

Here is the registry for the fake website:

ca registry fake website


What else can they do but lie?

Republicans have tried everything in their power to keep the ACA from taking effect. After more than 40 attempts to repeal the law, a failed Supreme Court challenge and a full blown shut down of the US government, they did not succeed. They tried to sabotage the law in every way possible, up to and including a “Destroy Obamacare” program, which was supposed to bring down the national ACA website.

What’s left for them now, except to create a fake healthcare website? They’ll try whatever they can to try to keep people from getting to the truth and then signing up for the ACA.

Misleading voters, billing taxpayers for right wing propaganda, using every kind of deceptive tactic they can think of… there’s really nothing new here. It’s habitual for the party that has no other options left. They can’t stand on the truth. Voters would never accept GOP policies if they were offered at face value. They can only hope that their low information base doesn’t catch on before the next election.

Since statistics show that more and more Republicans are signing up for the ACA every day, the odds of that happening are getting smaller and smaller.