McDonald’s Warns Employees To Stay Off Fast Food (VIDEO)

Even McDonald's Knows Its Food Is Bad For You - Tells Employees To Stop Eating It

McDonald’s had a good advice for its employees – Stay away from fast food. This caused CNBC, Wall Street’s propaganda machine, to hyperventilate. – Screencap from McResource Line website

McDonald’s would want one to believe it cares about its employees. Recently much of the advice given infer a disconnect between employees’ realities and the actual advice. McDonald’s past bad advice (here and here) was great for good old fodder. However the last advice they gave got the Wall Street watchers up in arm.

McDonald’s McResource Line, the website where their employees can get ‘help’, actually gave seemingly good advice. They suggested that employees should stay away from the kinds of foods McDonald’s sell. In fact even the picture above seems to suggest their employees get a sandwich from Subway and salad over a Mac and Cheese, fries, and a drink.

Is McDonald’s advice disconnect more than it seems?

While the folks at CNBC balked, there is a duality to the message they are not capturing. Actually, it is a good message for the employee and potentially for the bottom line. Every restaurant, from managers right down to employees avail themselves to the restaurant’s food. Telling the employees that their food is unhealthy could mitigate some of that loss and thus marginally increase profits. Not eating junk food is really better for the employees anyway.

Unfortunately for McDonald’s, one doubt the intent of this message was to make it on this blog post, mass media, or anywhere else. It shows that those that lead these companies are not necessarily the folks with the highest IQs.

McDonald’s, now you have made CNBC mad.

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Wall Street is only about making money and maximizing   profits. It matters not if profit maximization occurs at the expense of humans getting sick. If the environment is spoiled, who cares. The big shots do not need to avail themselves of bad food, bad air, bad roads, and lack of healthcare. They live in their own reality and sterilized enclaves. CNBC is the propaganda arm of Wall Street. To them, how dare McDonald’s make such a faux pas.

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