Fox News Math Fail: 137% Of Likely NJ Voters Weigh In On Gov. Christie’s GWB Scandal (INFOGRAPHIC)

Fox News: 137% of NJ voters weigh in on Gov. Christie GWB scandal. Infographic showing poll numbers adding up to 137% instead of 100%/

To prove they’re not biased and dumbed-down, Fox News investigates NJ Gov. Christie and shows an infographic with some VERY interesting poll numbers.

There’s no doubt that many liberals believe that Fox News is nothing more than a partisan political machine meant to further the goals of conservative idealism. In fact, the Project on Excellence in Journalism’s report from 2006 showed that Fox News was far more one-sided and opinionated than other networks, and it was even discovered that a full 68% of their stories contained personal opinions. While anyone could see how it’d be pushing it to even call this “news,” it turns out that the channel can also take pride in dumbing down their viewers with nonexistent math.

Fox News gets an “F” in math

In a Fox News report about a new investigation into Chris Christie’s use of Hurricane Sandy relief funds, Gretchen Carlson queued a visual to come up that broke down the results of a recent study from Rasmussen Reports. The study, which seemed to have little to do with the initial story, showed where New Jersey voters stood on whether or not Christie knew about the politically motivated shutdown of several lanes on the George Washington Bridge. The visual displayed on the screen, though, shows just why some think Fox News is only pandering to and ran by those suffering from low IQ scores.

Here is the video from Fox News:

That’s right people; Fox News managed to find a survey that polled all 137% of New Jersey’s likely voters. This, of course, is astounding considering the fact that it’s statistically impossible to do so. But hey, Fox News said so, and if Fox News said so, with all its millions of viewers, it must be true. Actually, this could go a little towards explaining why Fox News viewers are less informed than people who watch no news at all. Even non-news viewers know that you can’t poll 137% of people.

Ode to Glenn Beck

Now, I’m not saying this happened; I’m just asking questions. This Fox News report came out around Jan. 13.  Coincidentally, esteemed mathematician Prof. Arthur Strong Wightman died on that same exact day one year prior. Could these two be interconnected? Could Wightman have foreseen Fox’s colossal error an entire year in advance by using 137% of his brain? These are questions people. Why aren’t they being answered?
End scene.

What happened?

In the defense of Fox News, the paragraph in the report that listed the results did use a really long sentence. It had almost a whole 50 words in it along with special characters like apostrophes and parenthesis, and you can’t really expect Fox News to read an entire sentence, let alone paragraph, once they find out that they can make the black sheep of the GOP look bad. Honestly, just look at the explanation of the results from Rasmussen Reports:

“A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 54% of Likely New Jersey Voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Christie was aware that traffic lanes onto the George Washington Bridge were being closed as retaliation for the mayor of Fort Lee’s refusal to support the governor’s reelection. Thirty-six percent (36%) think it’s unlikely Christie was aware beforehand. This includes 30% who say it’s Very Likely he was aware and 17% who say it’s Not At All Likely.”

So, see? Who among you, other than those with more than half a brain, can claim that they would’ve been able to properly decipher these numbers? I say unto thee! May he who is with math abilities above a second grade level cast the first stone!  Maybe they were confused and thought that only 17% of the 36% who had, well, maybe…

Never mind. It’s easier to just call them stupid.