Gun Nuts Take The Insanity A Step Further, Call For A ‘Shot Heard Around The U.S.’ Day

Author: April 17, 2014 2:17 pm
Tea Party nuts from Overpasses for America are calling for all gun owners to fire their weapons at the same time on April 19th as a political statement.

Tea Party nuts from Overpasses for America are calling for all gun owners to fire their weapons at the same time on April 19th as a political statement.

A Tea Party Facebook page called Overpasses for America, clinching just over 79,000 supporters, is calling for a “Shot Heard Around the United States” day on April 19th. The post, showing a picture of a large group of men firing rifles in the air simultaneously in front of a barn, calls on every gun owner to fire into the air at the same time:

“April 19th, 2014… 12 NOON Eastern Standard Time
Every gun owner in the USA is asked to fire their weapon at the same time. Spread the word, share everywhere.”

April 19th is also the day, in 1775, when the start of the Revolutionary War began. This is the same page who posted a status calling for Harry Reid to be imprisoned for his “deal with Communist China that led to the stand off at Bundy Ranch.” The page, in the last few days, has been riddled with many pictures and articles detailing the fiasco at the Bundy Ranch, calling Bundy and his supporters ‘Patriots’ and seeking to end the ‘bogus lies’ about the stand-off.

The photo/status has been shared over 90,000 times, and has received mixed reviews, from gun owners calling the ‘Shot Heard Around the United States’ post “ridiculous.” Some say that they will shoot their guns at noon in “all time zones” to be in solidarity for all gun-owners and patriots alike. While praising Bundy, the page calls on Americans to “Be a Patriot! Join a militia!”

So this all comes at the time when Cliven Bundy and his group of gun-toting militants stand off against the United States government in a back-tax collection of illegally grazed cattle. Even though the issue at hand has nothing to do with guns, and only unpaid taxes, gun-nuts all across the nation seek to be a barrage of bullet solidarity.

One gun owner commenting on the group’s Facebook page actually tried to talk some sense into her fellow “patriots:”

“Remember gun owners, firing a bullet up at any angle will have that projectile keep a velocity that can kill or injure someone for very long distances. lets be RESPONSABLE gun owners, so as to not feed the anti-gun fire that burns ever deeply in about half of this country. shoot at a target or some dirt, or down. if one person gets hurt, this little hurah will backfire and give steam to the anti gun movement putting another nail in the 2nd amendments coffin.”

I would agree wholeheartedly. Finally, a gun owner in a mass of angry Tea Partiers talking sense!


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  • If only the only folks getting hurt by all the Zealots shooting guns into the air were the very Gun Fondlers doing so I’d say lets’ do so and let them celebrate to their heart’s content such tomfoolery.

  • At least one of them has the intelligence to realize that the possibility of a bullet returning to earth is quite real. These tea party folks are like children, they don’t think of the consequences of their actions…. ever. I live in a rural community in Arizona, rich in tea baggers, I’ll make sure I’m indoors Saturday at high noon…. eastern time.

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