Hilarious NSFW Video Calls Attention To The Very Real Problem Of Creepy Christian ‘Purity Balls’ (VIDEO)

You might have heard about a terrifying twist to the Christian teen abstinence movement — Purity Balls. They’ve been around for awhile; ABC has coverage detailing federal funding for religious abstinence programs dating from the Bush administration, and Purity Balls were partially the subject.

Recently, they started to gain more attention, as a book has recently come out about the disturbing ritual. In short, in an effort to prevent their daughters from sleeping with anyone before marriage, the fathers are taking it upon themselves to safeguard the virginity of young girls — and it includes a creepy marriage portion, where the girls put their promise in writing, wear white dresses, and even exchange rings. 

And if that weren’t enough, many of the photos (you’ll see plenty of examples in the video below) have an overtly incestuous tone. Here’s a tip, conservative Christians: women aren’t property. You don’t own them, their bodies, or their sexuality. That includes that of your daughters. I won’t go on about the tons of reasons this movement is bad — obviously it doesn’t work as intended, in any case, and not ever dating or kissing a person before you marry them is a facepalmingly bad idea — but I will leave it to the very hilarious and very NSFW video (language considerations) below by YouTuber CultOfDusty to show exactly how creepy and unacceptable these events are.

Here’s the video: