Alabama Man Holding Baby And Gun Accidentally Kills Girlfriend While Jumping On Trampoline


We’ve all made bad decisions from time to time, but few of us will be able to match the sheer volume of bad decisions an Alabama man worked into a single, tragic incident which led to the death of his girlfriend.

Raphiel Quinnie was with his girlfriend, Selena Edwards and infant daughter on a trampoline last month enjoying the nice weather. The innocent moment of fun between the three was ruined when the couple decided to bring out Quinnie’s gun and “play with it.” If you read the headline you can probably guess what happened next. The gun went off killing, Edwards in front of their child.

Authorities say Quinnie had assumed no bullets were in the gun at the time and therefore thought it was harmless. Unfortunately, as happens dozens of times every year across the country, he was wrong and he shot Edwards point blank. Making matters worse, he may not have known there were bullets in the gun because police say the gun was stolen.

Quinnie was charged with manslaughter  and possession of stolen property in the accidental shooting and now awaits his trial.

To recap: A man was holding a stolen gun while jumping with a baby on a trampoline, which he then fired in the direction of his girlfriend because he didn’t bother to check if it was loaded.

Despite the profound idiocy which led up to the death, Quinnie’s mom told the Press-Register that the whole thing was just one big misunderstanding:

“I believe this really was a misunderstanding and a bad accident,” she said. “I know they were playing over the gun . . . and he did not know the bullet was still in the chamber.”

She added that her son was heartbroken and “freaking out” over his girlfriend’s death.

“He wouldn’t hurt her like that, they were in love,” she said. “It’s killing him.”

Sadly, Edwards’ death falls into a familiar pattern with gun violence in America. Despite the gun lobby’s insistence that guns are the most important thing a family can do to protect themselves, it’s often those very guns which end up doing the most harm.

Each year hundreds of people die from unintentional firearm injuries. Over a third of them, like Edwards, are under the age of 25. Given the prevalence of accidents involving guns, it should come as no surprise to learn that states which have more guns also see more people injured and killed by them. Alabama – where Quinnie lives – has the 9th highest amount of guns per capita of any state in the country. Over half of the population have at least one gun. And it has the 5th highest rate of gun deaths per capita in the country. It’s hard to imagine that is a coincidence.

Guns are also normalized in many communities, making the dangers they pose often overlooked. As a consequence, babies and guns often (literally) go hand-in-hand. In is not uncommon to find people posting pictures like these to social media.


Gun owners find it endearing. Others, disturbing. In any case, each month we must endure another tale of a gun “accident” involving or near a child.

Didn’t Einstein say something about doing something over and over and expecting different results?