Interview With Protesters Reveals Immigration Opponents Have No Idea What They’re Talking About (VIDEO)


There have been a lot of people heading to the border to protest immigration recently, but it turns out many of them have no idea what they are protesting. A courageous man attempted to get their side of the story and learned that conservatives have been fed so many lies about immigration that they don’t know what to believe any more.

In the last year, over 50,000 Central American children have showed up at the United States border with Mexico. The unaccompanied kids, some as young as five or six, were sent by their parents to escape drugs, gang violence, and crushing poverty affecting their home countries. The U.N. has recognized them as refugees, and even the Pope weighed in saying that America had a duty to “protect” the children. Unfortunately, many – particularly on the right – vehemently oppose giving these children anything. They demand that the Obama administration deport the kids immediately, or set up military personnel along the border to ensure that they don’t cross.

Telling child refugees that they can’t come here is, of course, morally repugnant, so to justify the stance, many conservatives have begun floating versions of what is happening in which they can still oppose immigrants but not feel bad about shouting and pointing guns at children.

FPTV went to Houston on a mission to learn what motivates the people protesting, along the way they came across a myriad of insane conspiracy theories which the right have bought into.

┬áSome of the theories anti-immigrant protesters had and didn’t mind sharing on camera:

  • “[Obama] is a bully and if we don’t push back, he’s not going to stop until he kills and destroys the America we love.”
  • “These Latinos are the new Nazis for the blacks. They tried to kill me.”
  • “They found some Muslim prayer rugs on the border. They found a couple of books that lead me to believe those aren’t little children coming over unaccompanied.”
  • “I don’t want Jihad in my country. They need to keep that in their own land.”
  • “There’s evidence of [Lebanese Islamic extremist group] Hezbollah.”
  • “There are more than just Mexicans coming over. They have been stopping Muslims, radical Islamics, Chinese.”
  • “Obama’s working with [the child refugees] big time.”
  • “Obama isn’t for the blacks. He’s for gays, because he’s a homosexual.”
  • “They’re trying to make this into Latin America. Turn this into Aztec-land.”
  • “Obama is promoting a race war. I think he plays the race card… every chance he gets. He promotes a race war.”
  • “I believe there is a real danger of civil war. The culture divide [between white Americans and Hispanics] is much to wide. We have two totally different world views in the country right now.”

It’s truly a remarkable thing to watch. Here is the unfiltered, bizarre xenophobia at the very heart of the anti-immigration movement. These protesters don’t know who these kids are, but they’ve heard scary stories about them and they’ve begun to get them confused with every other group they fear and despise.

How else to explain the bizarre leaps in logic? Islam has not been a part of this, and yet almost every person FPTV talked to brought it up. Others mentioned homosexuality and racism. It’s like a melting pot of everything the right has worried about. It also might explain why they feel so passionately about it and why it is so hard to convince them that these children should be protected. In their minds, it’s literally no different than harboring terrorists.