Cop Loses Robber After Good Guy With Gun Tries To Help, Shoots Wildly Towards Him


A man with a concealed carry permit thought he could help when he observed a foot chase between a police officer and a suspected armed robber. The man began opening fire at the robber, but bullets flew everywhere, prompting the officer to break off the chase and dive for cover. Thanks, good guy with a gun!

When questioned afterwards, the man said he was about to enter an AT&T store in a suburb of Chicago when he noticed the place was being robbed. He stayed outside and made sure no one else entered (good), observed the suspect as he fled out the back of the store (good), then pulled out his licensed gun and decided to shoot the suspect (no!).

At the same time, other witnesses had already flagged down a Crestwood police officer who quickly spotted the robber – carrying a duffel bag and a gun – running out the back and gave chase. Moments later, gun shots rang out near the officer who (understandably) assumed they were aimed at him and jumped behind cover. The suspect kept running and he was lost into a stretch of woods.

The shooter told police that he was worried about the officer’s safety because the robber was armed so he decided to act in an effort to help.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The man with the permit later told police he ran through the store and fired at the suspect because he had seen the officer run behind the building.

“He was concerned for the safety of the police officer that he saw go behind the building,” police said in the statement. “It was at this time that he ran into the store and out the back door and fired two shots in the direction of the suspect who was running towards the canal”

Thankfully, the officer wasn’t injured in the gunfire.

Police say they apprehended the suspect sometime later when they cordoned off the wooded area the suspect was observed fleeing into. The man, who had been hiding, had attempted to make a break for it and was promptly arrested on charges of armed robbery.

While it’s admirable that a citizen would put his life on the line to help stop a crime from being committed, the incident reminds us that ordinary, untrained gun owners aren’t always as effective as police officers at stopping crimes or handling crisis situations. In this case, the man actually made things worse and put a cop’s life in danger further. His intentions were good, albeit overzealous, but the execution nearly got someone hurt.