Social Media Shows Major Shift In Atmosphere at Ferguson Demonstrations (Images/Videos)

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The photos and videos that have come out of Ferguson the past few nights have shown a light on the militarization of local police departments. The scenes people around the world saw seemed more fitting for a war zone than that of a town in Missouri. The night of August, 13th produced some of the most shocking stories that were spread nearly instantaneously across the globe via twitter and live streamers. After these stories were told, including the arrest of two journalists and a sitting Alderman the tear gas slipped away into the night leaving people following the developments wondering what violence might come from a police state gone too far.

Video of police shot by a live streamer firing tear gas into a residential neighborhood.

The night of August, 14th produced far different stories as it turned out.

Military personal marched with protesters, calling for an end to police militarization.

Highway patrol man, Captain Ron Johnson, who now is in charge of security operations for the demonstrations, led a march himself. He is being seen as the man who helped create the peaceful atmosphere of the 14th.

Police and protesters embracing.

This vine shows a train running through the Ferguson protest.