Breaking Ferguson – ‘Police Advancing On Crowd. Guns Drawn.’ (IMAGES)

Photo by Eli Rosenberg

Photo by Eli Rosenberg

Late breaking news – All media presence has been removed from Ferguson, Missouri in a surprise nighttime operation which can only be described as a police riot. Order is breaking down as the police now are the instigators of criminal behavior. These are some of the last images to be sent live from downtown Ferguson before the police sweep up of media was finished.

The police even ordered Amnesty International to vacate the area.

When the removal of the Media began, Anonymous’ Operation Ferguson twitter feed posted a message directed right at the police.

As of this time, just before midnight Pacific, the Ferguson, Missouri website is not responding to external queries. Any attempt to verify what is happening through the police channels is impossible as a result.

The tactics which have been recorded as in-use tonight of course flies in direct opposition of the ‘official message’ being given by Antonio French.

Despite the claim that no tear gas would be used, by the time this message was sent, it was already in full force.

There is even sentiment from the people of Ferguson that without the media presence, they will be slaughtered by the police in a punitive action.

What is happening in Ferguson right now is not going to be clear until morning. What is clear however is that the Ferguson police department is out of control, and is engaged in likely illegal acts.

If what you are going to do requires you to remove the media to do it, then you need to rethink what you are doing.

And for the people of Ferguson, you are in our thoughts and prayers.