‘Welfare Line’ Meme Exposes The Right’s Absolute Racism

Have you seen this picture? It’s been making the rounds on right wing websites and pages.


Here’s the caption you’ll find on Kevin Sorbo’s (yes, THAT Kevin Sorbo) Facebook page

No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your welfare check.

Just put your flip-flops next in line and go back and sit on your butt and play games on your iPhone.

Is this a great country or what?

As of this writing, Sorbo’s post has 9,360 shares and 2,246 likes. Boy, it must REALLY piss people off seeing all those lazy welfare queens!

Here’s the problem: The picture was taken in Thailand and simply shows a clever way for people to “stand” in line without the miserable soul-crushing (and sole-crushing) need to actually stand for hours on end:

Another strange thing that I have seen over the years is this innovative method when it comes to reserving your spot in the queue. What is happening here is that the office hasn’t opened yet and so there are no queue numbers. When people arrived they would put sandals or maybe a newspaper or book on the floor to mark their spot. So, even if the office didn’t open for a couple more hours, they could wander around and relax without worrying that they would lose their place in the queue.

Then, when the office opened, they would rush to get in queue to get their queue numbers.

But so what? It still shows a bunch of lazy welfare grubbing scum, right?

Well, no, actually, it doesn’t. It shows a bunch of people waiting for the windows at some kind of office to open. That’s it.

This picture could be a bank, a post office, the Thai version of the DMV or any other kind of office you would take a number and wait to be called. BTW, do you see any iPhones in that picture?

So if there is no indication of what these people are waiting for, what would lead a person to assume that it’s a bunch of people waiting for welfare checks?

Hmmmmm…It can’t be the original post from reddit that this picture comes from. There’s no mention of what the line is for. It can’t be any signs posted because the picture is not clear enough. What could it be?

Hmmmmmmmmmm….let’s take another look, shall we?


Boy, it sure is a stumper! There’s a white wall…a white floor…a person wearing a white shirt….a person holding some white papers….What could it be about this picture to make the right wing just assume the people in it are all lazy welfare bums? I just can’t figure it out!

The world may never know.