Hot New Christian Trend: Wife-Swapping For Jesus (VIDEO)


A Florida couple with a passion for swinging was having trouble finding people who were interested in trading spouses while discussing the finer points of their favorite Bible verses, so they launched a website that allowed people to do just that.

Cristy and Dean Parave, both former competitive bodybuilders, are very religious, but see no problem with dabbling in extra-marital fornication every once in a while. According to the New York Post:

“I don’t think God would be mad at what we are doing,” Cristy said. “At first I was conflicted, but the more we looked at it, the more it makes sense to us.”

The 44-year-old added that she felt mankind had been created to frolic and fornicate with one another.

“God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other,” she told Barcroft. “I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason.”

That reason is, a site with the bible-thumping bodybuilder in mind.

And it’s not just a network for like-minded individuals to enjoy their favored hobby; the Paraves’ view it as a sacred duty to help get the message out about the importance of having Jesus Christ in one’s life. Also, sex.

Barcraft TV sat down with Cristy and Dean at their home in Florida to hear what they had to say about their new mission to swing for Jesus:

 Of course, the Paraves are aware of the fact that sharing spouses isn’t exactly the kind of thing that Christianity normally preaches, but say that they see it as way of getting to people that wouldn’t normally consider going to church.

Dean explains:

I’m getting to people that probably never even visited church. Hey, God’s not gonna put a lion with a bunch of elephants, so what’s he gonna do? He’s gonna put a swinger with a bunch of swingers to spread his word.

Later, the Paraves friend and fellow swinger adds that while, yes, the Bible technically says “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife,” there is a loophole: What if thy neighbor’s wife wants you to?

Christy agreed, “Dean and I are both in agreement with this lifestyle, so we’re not committing adultery.”

Oddly enough, the Paraves aren’t the first people to find ways to justify their swinging lifestyle with their Christian faith. Last year, the internet was fascinated with — and churches were scandalized by — a website that cropped up called “” which had roughly the same idea: Swinging is okay by God, because who’s to say it isn’t?

“For Christian swingers, things are not easy,” reads the site’s opening pitch. “Often other religious people judge you, out of ignorance or envy, telling you that your lifestyle and love practices are wrong. But the Bible teaches us ‘Judge not lest ye be judged,’ and there’s that verse about the first stone. … This site is designed to cater to the needs of those like you: devout Christian couples who still want to have an active love life and share it with another, in good faith.”

Dean and Christy want to take that idea a bit further. Why just swing, when you can spread the gospel at the same time? And, as Dean explains, he doesn’t plan on stopping until God sends him a sign. So far, God seems cool with it.