Rand Paul Thinks The GOP Should Hide Its Racism Better

When a man who once implied that the Civil Rights Act went too far tells the Republican party that they are “broken” because they are discouraging African-Americans from voting, the GOP should stand up and listen. Unfortunately, that man was Rand Paul, and while he is a true-red Republican in almost every way possible, Paul is considered too much of an outlier to be taken seriously by the party. The other problem is that Paul doesn’t seem to see the GOP’s racism as the problem. The problem is that they don’t hide their racism well enough.

According to Paul, the GOP is perfectly aware that the party sucks, but that the problem is actually “perception.”:

The weakness, Paul added, is particularly serious when it comes to appealing to black voters.

“Remember Domino’s Pizza? They admitted, ‘Hey, our pizza crust sucks.’ The Republican Party brand sucks and so people don’t want to be a Republican and for 80 years, African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans,” he said.

“Why? Because of a perception,” he said. “The problem is the perception is that no one in the Republican Party cares.”

Source: The Hill

Now, to be fair, Paul has walked the walk on some racial issues. For example, he sponsored the “Redeem Act” which would help drug offenders remove their convictions from their records and would allow them to qualify for some federal assistance.

He’s also been an advocate of equal sentencing for crack and cocaine offenders and he’s been for restoring voting rights to ex-cons.

Still, some of his “solutions” cater to his beloved free market. He wants low income neighborhoods to have more access to charter schools and home schooling through privatized internet curriculum providers.

All this means is that it’s tough to figure out exactly where Paul stands on racial issues. On one hand, he met with civil rights leaders in Ferguson, Missouri. On the other, he has a history of associating with white supremacists.

Of course, it could be argued that there’s nothing disingenuous about Paul. The free market, which is his true guide, is all about “perception.”