Right Wing Propaganda: ‘Kiara’ The Tattooed Welfare Queen

Ever since Ronald Reagan introduced America to the “Welfare Queen,” the right wing has milked that myth for all its racist worth. Never mind the fact that the majority of people in this country that receive food stamps or “welfare” are actually white – everyone just “knows” that black people are living the high life on white people’s tax dollars!

For instance, here’s the headline and text at Youngcons.com:

Obama’s America: Young woman has been on welfare for 12 years, what she says about finding a job will INFURIATE you

The woman in the video, Kiara, is 30 years old and has proudly been on welfare for 12 years. She has four kids and no plans to make better life decisions in the future. So for those who say America doesn’t have an entitlement mentality problem:

Also, isn’t it great when welfare recipients like Kiara have tattoos, manicures and fancy purses? The truth is, she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but she doesn’t want to. The taxpayers are the suckers and will continue to pay for her bad decisions. Obama’s America.

I’m just going to leave this here.

GASP! $780 a month in food stamps! $500 a month in TANF (welfare)! That’s $1280 a month! That’s too much money for this lazy parasite! My god, that comes out to a whopping $15,360 a year!

Wait. What? $15,360 a year?! With four kids? But I thought she was living the high life on the tax payer’s dime? And why am I supposed to freak out over $15,360 a year when Wall Street is regularly caught ripping off the taxpayer for millions of dollars every month? There’s a whole lot of information and context being left out of this “outrageous” story but that’s OK, the point was clearly just to show a black woman with multiple kids and no job living on welfare.

And yet, I could find the same exact story but with a white woman and conservatives wouldn’t care one whit. You see, it’s only bad when blacks live on welfare and have too many kids. As far as conservatives are concerned, white people worked for these benefits (even if they haven’t) and blacks are just parasites. But don’t you call them racist!

So what if the majority of food stamp and welfare recipients are white conservatives? Who cares about those little details? There’s gullible white people to rile up so they can blame Obama! Curse you, Obama, for all this welfare abuse!

Why “gullible” you say? How else do describe people angry at Obama for something that started under Bush? Remember, “Kiara” here says she’s been jobless for 12 years. Doing a bit of simple math (an almost impossible task for rage-drunk conservatives), that would mean this story started in 2001 (the video is from 2013). If I recall correctly, that was a Republican president, a Republican Senate and a Republican House. Why didn’t they stop “Kiara” from her life of immorality?

Then again, since Republicans expended a huge amount of effort to prevent women like “Kiara” from learning about safe sex and contraceptives, one could just as easily say that her tendency to get knocked up is the direct responsibility of Republicans. Of course, I have no doubt that the “Youngcons” would whine about how totally unfair I’m being.

But, you know, blaming Obama is completely fair because he’s black or something.

Even more amusing, if I were to suggest that we provide “Kiara” with free birth control (so she’ll stop having kids), job training (so she has a marketable skill) and free child care (so she could get a job and not spend every penny on a babysitter), conservatives would scream bloody murder. Because in Republican America, the best way to break the cycle of dependence is to throw people into the street and see what happens. Never mind that her four kids would be homeless, hungry and lack basic healthcare, it’s about stopping welfare abuse, dammit! Punishing “Kiara” is far more important than ensuring her four kids have a roof over their heads and food on the table!

After all, they’re not fetuses anymore so gives a crap about them?