No Charges For Police Chief Who Tried To Blackmail A College Student With Nude Photos

Former New London, New Hampshire police chief David Seastrand will not be prosecuted for what most people would consider to be a despicable abuse of his power. In March of 2013,  Seastrand arrested Janelle Westfall for underage drinking. She faced misdemeanor charges, and Seastrand later had Westfall come to the police station to decide how to handle the charges. That is when Seastrand turned into a first class creep.

Image Credit: New London Police via Raw Story

Image Credit: New London Police via Raw Story

Westfall says that when she got to the station, Seastrand took her into the basement. She says of what would have been an unsettling experience for anyone:

“He said would grab the station’s camera to shoot a series of nude photos of me, and then he’d hold it over my head for two years to be sure I didn’t commit another crime. That’s when it was really chilling. He’s standing there in uniform, he had his gun strapped on his side.”

Seastrand then victimized Westfall further by telling her that if she dared to tell anyone what he was doing, he’d deny the entire incident. Luckily, Westfall’s aunt and uncle are cops themselves, and they told her to keep quiet until they called the State Police.

Unfortunately, while the prosecutors for the state of New Hampshire said that Seastrand’s gross misconduct was “abhorrent behavior and unacceptable behavior for anyone in that type of a position,” the former police chief will face no real punishment. He is forbidden to ever have a career in law enforcement again, and he faces a misdemeanor abuse of power charge. Other than that? He got off scot- free, which says nothing good about our so-called justice system.

Westfall also won a civil suit worth $70,000 from the city of New London. I guess that is some small consolation after her ordeal with that disgusting pig of a police chief. It isn’t nearly enough, though. And people wonder why nobody trusts cops.

Westfall says of the lack of punishment for Seastrand:

“It just bothers me that it happened, and that they couldn’t prosecute [Seastrand]. It bothers me that it could happen again to someone else.”

She’s right, of course. Other dirty cops will see this slap on the wrist for Seastrand and follow suit and victimize people they have power over. It’s disgusting that this man is not rotting in jail where he belongs.

H/T: Raw Story