NYPD Asks Public For Help Identifying Assault Suspect–Turns Out To Be A Cop (VIDEO)

In the early morning hours on December 23, 2014, a female train conductor in full uniform was on the platform of the Bronx, New York station assisting commuters with information on the re-routing of train service.

While on the platform, the conductor was approached by a well-built male who began screaming at her. According to witnesses, the male assaulted her by placing her in a bear hug from behind, throwing her to the ground and then proceeded to choke her.

A second conductor came to the aid of his fallen worker and pulled the attacker off the injured conductor. The conductor’s attacker made a hasty get-a-way before he could be apprehended.

photo courtesy of Gothamist.com

photo courtesy of Gothamist.com

For a week after the attack that left the conductor with injuries to her head, neck and back, NYPD was unable to make any arrests. Armed with only a physical description of the assailant, NYPD had no real leads and was forced to make pleas to the public for information relating to the attack.

Finally, NYPD located and was able to air video on New Year’s Eve of the fleeing suspect from the train station cameras. The video clearly showed the male suspect jogging to the train’s exit immediately following the attack.

Within hours of the video’s public release, the suspect turned himself into NYPD’s Harlem station.

It turns out that the suspect was an off-duty NYPD officer. The officer had a different take on the assault and told investigators that the female conductor had cursed at him after he had questioned her and then he accused her of trying to grab his cell phone to prevent him from taking her photo. (And this is good cause for the assault?)

So we have an off-duty police officer, in good physical condition, attacking a 28-year-old female, throwing her to the ground and choking her. Then when help arrives, he takes off and never reports the incident during the week the case is being investigated. The only reason any suspect is in custody is that he was caught on video fleeing the scene.

No charges have been brought as of yet.

NYPD’s finest.

There are good cops out there, you know. But the bad ones just keep making things harder on the ones serving and protecting.

Here is the video released on New Year’s Eve by NYPD in an attempt to have the public help: