Kroger Open Carry Gun Nuts Fail To Prevent Yet Another Shooting (VIDEO)

Once again, Kroger’s merry band of open carry gun nuts failed to prevent a shooting, this time on Friday at a Kroger in Gwinnett County, Georgia. reports Cpl. Michele Pihera told them local police are still looking for the suspects, whom they think are two or three people (men and women) in their early 20s. Luckily, nobody got killed or hurt this time, though someone fired a gun and a man’s wallet, cell phone, and cash got stolen. The victim of last week’s shooting at a Kroger in the neighboring DeKalb County wasn’t so lucky. He wound up in the hospital after a carjacking and shooting.

Gun nuts argue it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. But where are all those open carry heroes when Kroger needs them?

As Ben Hallman from Huffington Post wrote back in August, our nation’s largest grocery chain has drawn a lot of criticism for allowing these open carry ammosexuals to swagger into their stores while conspicuously packing heat. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in particular keeps the heat on Kroger through their #GroceriesNotGuns campaign, which involves social media, phone calls, in-store protests, letter writing, and a petition with Every Town for Gun Safety, another activist group.

Moms Demand Action explains that a grocery store should be safe for families with children.

A grocery store is one of the last places we should expect to see someone openly carrying a loaded weapon. But Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country, has policies that allow customers to openly carry guns in its stores – where moms and their kids shop every day.

The anti-open carry group adds there have been too many shootings on Kroger properties in recent years, and that the company needs to ensure their customers’ safety.

Numerous shootings and gun rallies have taken place at Kroger brand stores in recent years. The company policies that have enabled this to happen are not in line with its core values, which include creating a “safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.”

Moms Demand Action gently reminds the powers-that-be at Kroger that if they won’t ban open carry  for their customers’ sake, they should do it to avoid lawsuits.

Most states have weak gun laws that let people openly carry guns even if they haven’t had a background check or training. Private businesses like Kroger have the responsibility to protect their customers when the law won’t.

Kroger’s numbers are quite shocking.

These moms have every right to feel concerned about all the shootings and open carry demonstrations at Kroger. Kroger has racked up some appalling numbers in 2013 and the first half of 2014, with at least 16 shootings.

In addition to numerous open carry incidents at several Kroger locations, there have also been at least 16 shootings and threats at stores in Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and other states. In June, a woman shot and killed her husband in the parking lot of a Marietta, GA Kroger before killing herself and in February, a man opened fire in a Lawrenceville, GA store and shot two people after allegedly targeting a store employee. And just last month, a woman threatened to shoot and kill an employee at a Nashville, TN location.

A quick Google search reveals seven Kroger shooting incidents for 2014 alone.

  1. Jan. 10, 2014, Kroger employee shot in parking lot by a coworker in Louisville, KY.
  2. Feb. 10, 2014, two shot in a Gwinnett County, GA Kroger.
  3. Feb. 10, 2014, two shot in a Lawrenceville, GA Kroger while others hid in the freezer.
  4. June 6, 2014, two dead in a murder-suicide in a Kroger parking lot in West Cobb County, TX.
  5. July 23, 2014, Woman pulls a gun and threatens to shoot a Kroger worker in Nashville, TN.
  6. Sept. 8, 2014, the one case of a “good guy with a gun” shooting and killing a robbery suspect at a Kroger in Indianapolis, IN.
  7. Nov. 11, 2014, two shot at a Kroger in Toledo, OH.

So, when you’re doing your grocery shopping at kroger, how can you tell the open carry gun nuts apart from the shooters? Alas, you can’t.

Where are those open carry heroes when Kroger needs them?

Here’s‘s report on the latest Kroger shooting those open carry activists once again failed to prevent.

Featured image: Composite with photos by R Khary Penbaker (left) and L Cornelia (center and right) via Twitter.