Guy’s Pic Of Himself Penetrating Teen While She Vomits Goes Viral, But He’s Not Going To Jail

A young woman killed herself after a guy took a photo of himself penetrating her while she vomited from a car window, and the image went viral.  A judge has decided he won’t spend a single day in jail for the crime.

Rehtaeh Parsons was just 15 years old when she was gang-raped in a car.  One of the passengers took a photo while his buddy penetrated her, as she vomited out of the window.  As if this experience were not traumatic enough, the boy then shared the image – which went viral.  Parso’s faced months of online and in-person bullying and harassment until she decided to end her own life.

The girl’s mother, Leah Parsons, told the court during her victim impact statement:

“I was unable to console her as she crumbled emotionally after that photo was taken.”

In November, Nova Scotia Judge Gregory Lenehan handed the guy who took the photo a conditional discharge. Now he has let the guy penetrating her off with 12 months of probation.

Ivan Herritt, one of many who showed up to support Rehtaeh’s family, said the court decision was “absolutely disgusting.”

“That kid pled guilty to having sex with her while she was vomiting out a window,” he said. “Where’s the consent? Where’s the rape charge? How do you give consent when you are vomiting out of a window?

“The public had the right to know who the creeps are amongst them. Everybody has a right to know, in all honesty, even a young offender. And now he’s not a young offender, so everyone should know who he is. Do you want to send your child to school with him? Would you trust your family members to be around him in a public spot? No. So the public has a right to know who these rapists are, who these sexual deviants are. I’m proud of Anonymous for doing what they did.”

Thankfully, the case does not end here.  Former Ontario chief prosecutor Murray Segal is now free to conduct his independent review of how police handled Rehtaeh’s case. Her mother will meet with Segal as soon as he’s back in town.

“We’ve been waiting for [the review] more so than we’ve been waiting for the sentencing results,” Parsons said. “We are curious and we’ve been wondering for three years now what are in those reports and what are the reasons that nothing was done when it should have been done and why no sexual assault charges. We look forward to seeing what the results are of the review.”

Reteah’s death comes after the similar horrors of Steubenville, Ohio and British Columbia’s tragic Amanda Todd – the Canadian teenager killed herself last October. This repetitive tale is depressingly familiar: young guys do something terrible to a teenage girl, bullying ensues online and in person, the guys get away with it unscathed (unless Anonymous and/or the Ohio courts get involved), and the girl often ends up dead.  All systems in place to protect and support young women are failing to do so.  How many girls have to die before we take this situation seriously?

(Featured Image via Herald News)