Fox ‘News’ And Bill O’Reilly Get Hammered By High School Students For Their Lack Of Journalistic Ethics (VIDEO)

A high school class in Vermont decided to study and break down a Fox “News” segment presented by Bill O’Reilly, and then they made a video to report the results they found. Hint: Fox “News” and O’Reilly get totally owned.

A group of students at Mount Anthony Union High School, in Bennington, Vermont, decided to make Fox “News” and O’Reilly the subjects of study while learning about journalism in class. They made this decision after O’Reilly sent his media goon, Jesse Waters, to their city in an effort to discover the most liberal state in America and antagonize the residents who live there.

Needless to say, the hit piece basically insulted the townspeople on national television, so the high school students fought back by dissecting the segment to find out how many journalistic ethics the conservative network broke in the process.

According to News Corpse, the students conducted a “professional integrity audit” based on the ethics codes of the Society of Professional Journalists.”

One by one, the students shredded Fox for each violation they discovered. As a result of their research, the students found that Fox “News” and O’Reilly violate an alarming number of ethics codes.

For the benefit of everyone, the students kindly produced a video report of their findings. The students begin the video by pointing out that a report from Politifact revealed Fox “News” is only truthful approximately 18 percent of the time. News Corpse reports that:

“In one short segment they found examples of stereotyping, distortions, manipulation, questionable sourcing, and predetermining outcome.”

At the end of the video, the students reached the following conclusion:

“Based on our studies about the field of journalism, we have determined that you’re not practicing journalism. You’re practicing rank propaganda… By watching Fox News, we have learned buckets about journalism – what to do and, more importantly, what never to do. It is our hope that Fox News can learn the very same from watching us.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Considering the fact that Fox “News” is currently embroiled in a scandal over lies that hosts and guests have been peddling about Muslims on the air, it looks like the right-wing propaganda machine has something else to profusely apologize for now.

It is comforting to know that most American youths are able to see right through the lies, distortions, and propaganda generated on bullsh*t mountain on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s hilarious to watch Fox and blowhard host Bill O’Reilly get taken down by high school students over a hit piece they never should have aired in the first place. That’s just priceless.

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