Wall Street Journal Tears Into Incompetent House Republicans For Mishandling DHS Funding Bill

When even the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal blasts House Republicans for their epic mishandling of the DHS funding bill, you know the GOP has a problem.

That problem, of course, begins with the small group of conservative extremists who do nothing in the House of Representatives except oppose President Obama no matter what, even if their party takes a beating because of their stubbornness.

In this case, about 52 conservative Republicans refused to help Speaker John Boehner pass a clean bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for three weeks, which had been passed by the Republican-controlled Senate. Instead, they demanded the Senate pass a doomed to be vetoed DHS bill filled with unnecessary bullsh*t to roll back President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. As a result, a shutdown of Homeland Security loomed, putting national security at risk, and making House Republicans the ones to blame for it. So, Boehner relied on House Democrats to help him pass a clean bill that only funds DHS for one week, which means this fight is going to repeat itself, much to the amusement of Democrats.

According to an Editorial in the Wall Street Journal, House Republicans are making themselves look bad by bowing down to the no-compromise wing who want to see the nation burn and are giving Democrats the advantage.

Speaker John Boehner’s plan to fund the department for three weeks came crashing down when 52 Republicans revolted. The revolters effectively put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House. So the GOP will now consume itself in more recriminations as it squanders more of its first 100 days.

The sad if predictable irony is that this is exactly what Mr. Obama hoped to incite with his November immigration order. He wanted to goad an overreaction that made the GOP look both anti-immigrant and intemperate enough to shut down the government.

The double irony is that, in shutting down part of DHS, the Republicans would also give Mr. Obama an opening to claim the political high ground on national security. He’d blame the GOP for putting at risk the defenses against a terrorist threat that his own policies have allowed to proliferate.

The editorial also questioned whether Republicans actually want to govern with their newly gained majority or simply continue to oppose compromise at their own peril.

The immigration fiasco raises the larger question of whether House Republicans can even function as a majority. Some backbenchers are whispering that they’ll work with Democrats to oust Mr. Boehner as Speaker if he doesn’t follow their shutdown strategy. Some are also plotting to take down a procedural rule, which would mean handing control to Democrats.

Mr. Boehner has made mistakes, one of which is bending too much to the shutdown caucus. But let’s say the no-compromise crowd did succeed in humiliating the Speaker, and he resigned. What then? Whom do coup plotters want to put in charge? . . .

Republicans need to do some soul searching about the purpose of a Congressional majority, including whether they even want it. If they really think Mr. Boehner is the problem, then find someone else to do his thankless job. If not, then start to impose some order and discipline and advance the conservative cause rather than self-defeating rebellion.

Indeed, Republicans have continued to reject compromise in favor of shutting down the government if President Obama doesn’t cower to them and give them what they want. As a result, America’s economic security and national defense has become a hostage that conservatives are willing to shoot out of blind hatred of the black man in the White House. In 2013, one such shutdown resulted in a negative impact on the economy that cost us $24 billion. Republicans even wanted to force the United States to default on the debt, which would have shredded our credit rating and our credibility around the world.

Two years earlier, the S&P actually did downgrade our credit rating because Republicans were threatening to shut down the government over their refusal to compromise over taxes in a debt deal.

Now they want to risk our national security over executive orders that are totally constitutional. That’s not governing, it’s incompetence. It’s incompetence that is so bad that Republicans Rep. Peter King and Senator Mark Kirk have publicly voiced that they are sick and tired of such maneuvers by the far right-wing of their party.

Rep. King slammed the “self-righteous and delusional” conservative extremists for “threatening to defund the Department of Homeland Security at a time when our threat streams have never been greater at any time since 9/11,” accusing them of being “absolutely irresponsible.” At the same time, Senator Kirk remarked to reporters that, “Hopefully we’re gonna end the attaching of bullsh*t to essential items of the government.”

Far from demonstrating that they can govern, the only thing the Republicans have demonstrated is that there is still a civil war raging within their own party and it’s still unclear whether GOP leadership is willing to stand up and smack down the crazies or go down with the sinking ship.

Featured image By Brendan Mruk (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons