Fox News Officially Freaking Out About Google’s Plan To Rank Sites By ‘Accuracy’ (VIDEO)

Watching how Fox News covers a news story is sort of like doing dream analysis on the conservative movement’s subconscious, you start to see what really terrifies them. So it was with great interest that I sat down to watch Fox’s latest coverage of Google’s plan to someday rank search engine results not by “popularity” but “accuracy.” The network did not disappoint.

In a recent edition of Fox News’ Happening Now, the conservative network hastily put together an out-and-out hit piece on Google. After briefly describing the research paper that the company recently published that expressed the possibility of weighing search result “rank” based around “trustworthy” information, rather than sheer popularity, the show suggests the new way of doing business could result in “censorship.”

“They say you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. It’s a concept not everyone is comfortable with.”