Georgia Teacher Tells Students Their Parents Aren’t Christians If They Support President Obama (VIDEO)

A Georgia teacher told her middle school students that if their parents support President Obama they aren’t real Christians. Then she wanted the kids to prove their Christianity to her.

Nancy Perry is somehow still an employee at Dublin Middle School after she brought her toxic religious and political views to the classroom in which she teaches. During class a few weeks ago, Perry told her students that President Obama is lying about being a Christian and said that if their parents support him, they aren’t true Christians. She then challenged the students to prove they were Christians.

Naturally, one of the students relayed his teacher’s remarks to his parents, who understandably demanded a conference with Perry to discuss her inappropriate actions.

But when the day of the conference arrived, the boy’s parents discovered they weren’t going to have a meeting with Perry alone. They would also have to deal with her husband, who sits on the school board and has political clout in the town.

As it turns out, her husband is Bill Perry, a conservative who once hosted a right-wing radio program during which he would demonize same-sex marriage and trash Democrats. Basically, Mrs. Perry brought her husband to the conference in an effort to intimidate the parents. But that’s not all they tried to do. They also attempted to convince the parents to adopt their extremist conservative views by handing them a packet full of propaganda.

The Dublin Laurens County NAACP described the meeting in a letter to the Courier Herald, which can also be found on Facebook.

“The parents were expecting that the teacher would hear their concerns, acknowledge the inappropriateness of her behavior in the classroom setting and show remorse for her conduct. She did none of the above. Instead, she presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics. She was supported in this by her husband.”

The NAACP chapter also called upon the school to take action against the teacher and her power-abusing husband.

“This teacher has betrayed her profession. She has broken the trust from teacher to student and from teacher to parent. The harm that she has done goes beyond her classroom. It is incalculable. At the very least she has tainted the learning experience and caused divisiveness among her students, the school faculty, staff and the community.

Her husband should be held accountable for his abuse of power stemming from his participation in the parent-teacher conference. He had no right to be there. His presence did nothing to enhance the process. In fact, his presence further eroded his wife’s credibility as a teacher.”

But it seems school administrators haven’t even managed to punish Perry and her husband with a slap on the wrist. Both apparently kept their positions even though Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter had this to say about the incident:

“We work to build bridges with students, not build walls, and talking politics, especially giving political opinions, can be very divisive […] We’ve had meetings to make sure there is an understanding that this is not appropriate […] You try to be appropriate to the situation. It’s one of those that you don’t want repeated… A board member being in a parent-teacher conference can tip the balance, or at least from the appearance, tip the balance of fairness. It is not a practice that we can allow.”

And of course, Dublin is a small town where incidents like this are often swept under the rug. The school was so eager to keep everything in house that the local newspaper didn’t mention the name of the teacher or her husband in the report. In other words, there was an effort to cover up the incident and protect the conservative couple from any backlash.

Here’s the report via NBC41.

Clearly, Perry should lose her job for trying to indoctrinate the kids in her classroom into adopting her extreme political and religious beliefs. And her husband should be fired from his position on the school board for inserting himself into a parent-teacher conference in violation of school policy with the intent of intimidating parents. The fact that they haven’t been terminated is outrageous and really should spark a more thorough investigation by an outside agency. School should be a safe place where students can learn without fearing that their teacher will try to force propaganda down their throats.