Religious Nut Thinks Christians Shouldn’t Have To Love Anyone They Don’t Want To

The director of governmental affairs at the American Family Association, Sandy Rios, is livid that Obama would dare to bring up marriage equality at an Easter prayer breakfast. Since that breakfast is to celebrate Jesus’ rising from the grave, then obviously, saying anything about “love thy neighbor” is entirely inappropriate.

According to Right Wing Watch, Rios’ issue with Obama’s remarks at the breakfast mirror those of the rest of the right, which more or less whine that he misused the breakfast to malign Christians. He expressed concern at the less-than-loving attitude that he sees from the religious right, but didn’t name any specific issue. Near the end of his speech, he said:

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love.  And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.  But that’s a topic for another day.” [SOURCE]

Rios, like others, believes he was referencing the way the religious right treats the LGBT community, and the so-called “religious freedom laws,” of the kind that destroyed Indiana’s reputation. Right Wing Watch reports that she then said:

“It’s a perversion of Jesus’ teaching to think that we ignore God’s law to do what we know in good conscience we can’t do and that we should be forced to do that in the name of God’s love and in what Jesus said, it’s just really a perversion, it’s very evil and it’s evil to do it at an Easter prayer breakfast.”

Christians do this all the time, though. They tend to point to Leviticus and other Old Testament passages that say being gay is a sin, but they ignore where it says divorce is a sin, where eating certain foods is a sin, and a whole host of other sins, also. Besides that, these people don’t understand the difference between a religious business and a secular business under our law. That’s something they need to learn.

Rios also took issue with Obama’s praise of Pope Francis for his words on embracing the poor and oppressed, rather than shunning them. She believes that, when Obama was talking about embracing the marginalized, he was speaking specifically about the businesses that have refused work for same-sex weddings. She made it clear that the religious right will never “compromise” their beliefs and embrace the LGBT community, and that the “gay agenda” is an obsession for Obama.

In other words, his words at the Easter prayer breakfast were proof that he’s evil, according to her. What she’s missing is that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with reminding Christians what Christianity is supposed to be about at a religious breakfast. These people, however, live in an echo chamber. They only hear what they want to hear, and anything different is, in their view, evil.


Featured image by mikebrice. Licensed under Public Domain via Pixabay