White Lady Fights Cops While Stealing Black People’s American Flag: No Arrest (VIDEO)

An absolutely insane woman won the hearts of conservatives after video was posted of her attempting to steal an American flag from a group of African-American protesters. Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran, former Playboy model, and violent psychopath, was filmed attempting to run off with a flag being used at an anti-white privilege protest at Valdosta State University.

The flag in question was on the ground, and was being walked on — a crude expression of demonstrators’ angst, but an act that was entirely within their rights as American citizens. As right-wingers love the flag (They don’t understand what it represents, but they certainly think it’s pretty), Manhart would not stand for these American citizens exercising their rights. So, she decided to do what any good “Christian” would — she ran up and stole the flag.