Bill O’Reilly Says Only The Wealthy Are Suffering, ‘Things Not So Bad’ For Poor (VIDEO)

Relax, all of you struggling people out there. You are not really suffering, according to Fox News mouthpiece Bill O’Reilly. Nope, only the super-wealthy are suffering, don’t you know. So you all need to be celebrating your freedom and lack of difficulties!

On his April 20th episode of the O’Reilly Factor in a segment entitled “Income Inequality in America, Bill laid out his case that, no, the poor are not suffering in America, it is the wealthy who are.


O’Reilly argued:

“So you can see that taxes are through the roof on affluent Americans and business profits.

But for the rest of Americans, things are not so bad.”

He cites bad math, flawed logic, and discredited arguments to make his case. For instance, the tired claim that US businesses pay more taxes than the rest of the world. As we all know, many huge multi-billion dollar corporations pay negative taxes. And Bill O’s claim that Obama tried to raise taxes hundreds of times falls apart with even Mitt Romney admitting that Obama never raised taxes. And Bill-O is quick to mention the various taxes business and his corporate masters pay, but ignores the pile of taxes heaped upon the poor and only briefly mentions the income tax.

Deception and lies from Fox News is nothing new. Bill-O is only toeing the party line, demonizing the poor, and lording the wealthy in the hopes that they will catch the scraps tossed to them. He, like so many others, does not understand that the wealthy do not make jobs, those “well off” poor people do. A tax break for a millionaire does not generate growth, it sits in a bank account or is gambled on the stock market.

His audience, of course, will gobble it up, to feel better about themselves in the hopes that they too will be the mongrels to have the scraps tossed to. But for those of us in the real world, it only demonstrates how out of touch Fox News and its hosts, such as Bill O’Reilly, really are.