Hateful Bigot Mike Huckabee Totally Fails At Basic Civics In Long, Idiotic, Anti-Gay Rant

Mike Huckabee doubled down on his bigoted position against the LGBT community earlier this week. He cried that legalizing same-sex marriage will outlaw Christianity (because this has totally already happened in the states where marriage equality is now a thing), and he defended so-called “conversion therapy,” saying that the government is barring clergy from telling people they counsel to seek help for freedom from the “homosexual lifestyle.”

His words were, according to Right Wing Watch:

“I want to say that across the country there are numerous cases, whether it’s the chaplains in the military being told to put their bibles away, no longer pray in Jesus’ name, not to counsel people who are in a homosexual lifestyle, not to counsel them to try to seek assistance for that, but rather to affirm that lifestyle as being normal and appropriate, we’re continually seeing the courts overturn marriage amendments in states, which is very disturbing, because a lot of times, elected officials are capitulating immediately when a court makes a decision.”

Pushing ex-gay therapy as a viable option for people who are torn up about being gay is terrible in a presidential candidate, because it shows his ideology clouds his judgment and understanding of the world. Conversion therapy is not only ineffective, but it’s dangerous to boot. People who go through this therapy emerge more anxious and depressed than ever, because they believe something’s truly, terribly wrong with them if the Christian god will not stop these horrible, unnatural, and sinful urges within them no matter how hard they work to seek him.

But that’s not all. Huckabee went on to say that a court decision “is not tantamount to saying, ‘Well that settles it. It’s the law of the land.'” Then he said:

“There are three branches of government, not one. We don’t like it if the executive branch overreaches, and pretends that it can act in difference to the other two, and neither can we sit back and allow the court, one branch of government, to overrule the other two.

And so when a court rules that same sex marriage is okay, it doesn’t mean that the next day, marriage licenses should be issued for same-sex couples. It simply means that, if the legislature agrees with that court decision, and the representatives of the people, the elected officials, if they then put that into legislation, and it is signed and enforced by the executive branch, then you have same-sex marriage. But until those other two branches act, what you have is a court opinion and nothing else.”

Really? A court decision is just an “opinion” that carries no weight until the other two branches decide they agree with it and want to act on it? Who needs the civics lesson here? He’s pushing a type of dictatorship, if that’s what he thinks of court decisions. The truth is, the courts are there to determine the constitutionality of the law. So yes, when they decide a law is unconstitutional, they’ve overruled the executive and legislative branches. That’s the check they provide on the other two branches of government.

The reason that states start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as soon as federal courts strike down their bans is because they can’t discriminate. If the court has ruled a law unconstitutional, they’ve ruled it illegal, and there’s literally no legal justification left to continue to enforce it. The courts often order states to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, because they know if they don’t, some of these states will discriminate that way. But the legal justification for discriminating against same-sex couples is gone once the court strikes a ban down.

If Huckabee thinks he’s a serious contender for the presidency this year, he’s got another thought coming. This is not the 1960s, and it’s not even 2008. Things have changed radically, and now he’s running to catch up. Actually, scratch that, he’s not even trying to catch up. He’s trying to pull everyone down to his hateful, bigoted, outdated level of thinking.


Featured image c.berlet/publiceye. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons