Geologist Rocks Creationists’ World With Science

Despite a multitude of biological evidence that supports evolution, creationists continue to insist that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and was created in six days by an invisible deity. But a geologist rocked their world on Tuesday with his field of science.

David R. Montgomery of the University of Washington picked up the creationist gauntlet, filled it with rocks, and smacked them square in the face with it. Instead of using evolutionary science to disprove creationism, he used the geologic formations right outside his office window.

In an op-ed for The Conversation, Montgomery writes that geology proves that Earth is far older than 6,000 years old, and obliterates the Biblical story of a world-wide flood.

In the excerpt below, Montgomery explains how Earth is billions of years old because certain kinds of rock formations take more than 6,000 years to form:

I don’t have to travel very far to make this case. There’s a slab of polished rock on the wall outside my department office that refutes so-called Flood Geology: the view that a global, world-shattering flood explains geologic history after the initial creation of Earth by God. This eight-foot-long slab is a conglomerate – a rock made from water-worked fragments of older rocks.

It’s what you’d get if you buried a riverbed composed of many different types of rock deep enough below ground for temperature and pressure to forge it into a new rock. Preserved in it, you can see the original particles of sand, gravel and cobbles made of various kinds of rock. And if you look closely you can see some of the cobbles are themselves conglomerates — rocks within rocks.

Why does this disprove the creationist view of geology? Because a conglomerate made of fragments of an older conglomerate not only requires a first round of erosion, deposition, and burial deep enough to turn the original sediments into rock. It requires another pass through the whole cycle to turn the second pile of sedimentary rock fragments into another conglomerate.

In other words, this one rock shows that there is more to the geologic record than creationists describe in their scripturally-interpreted version of earth history. A single grand flood cannot explain it all. Embracing young Earth creationism means you have to abandon faith in the story told by the rocks themselves. This, of course, is no surprise to geologists who have established that the world is billions of years old, far older than the thousands of years that creationists infer from adding up the generations enumerated in the Bible.

Montgomery then goes on to tear apart creationists by pointing out that even early Christian thinkers had the critical thinking skills to reconsider Biblical stories when confronted by reason and evidence:

It seems that one of the oldest traditions in Christian thought holds that when reason contradicts favored interpretations of scripture about the natural world then those interpretations should be reconsidered.

In keeping with this view, mainstream Christians reinterpreted the biblical stories of the creation and flood after geological discoveries revealed that Earth had a longer and more complicated history than would be inferred from a literal reading of Genesis. Perhaps, they concluded, the days in the week of creation corresponded to geological ages. Maybe Noah’s flood was not global but a devastating Mesopotamian flood.

Montgomery further destroys creationism by pointing out that the Bible says Noah saved two of every living thing. But when we look at the fossil record, it becomes clear that such an undertaking never happened:

So consider the case of fossils, which creationists attribute to the flood. What you find in the rocks is that more than 99% of all species entombed in the rock record are extinct. This simple fact offers a stark contrast to what you would expect to find based on a literal reading of the biblical story.

Once again, creationists have been outflanked by science. But it didn’t take long before a creationist left a comment on the story claiming that God put the rocks and fossils in the ground to test our faith. And of course, they made this claim without providing any evidence to prove it.

On the other hand, multiple scientific fields agree that evolution is real and have a ton of evidence to prove it. One group is even making a video series about all the scientific evidence that proves the validity of evolution. You can view such video by clicking here.

Faced with overwhelming evidence that they are wrong, creationists deny reality in favor of dogma and merely double down on their war against science to make the rest of the world as ignorant and brainless as they are. Science has spoken on the age of the Earth, and it has spoken on how life began. Creationists refuse to accept it because they can’t let go of their literal interpretation of a book written 3,000 years ago by fallible human beings. And their refusal to do so is putting our own nation at risk of becoming the laughingstock of the world as American science scores continue to rank below other developed nations as creationists continue their agenda to replace science education in our schools with religious lunacy that should remain confined within the walls of churches.