Marriage Equality Is Coming, So Texas Prepares As Many Bigoted Anti-Gay Laws As Possible

The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments for marriage equality. Several states think it’s their right to deny a specific subset of their citizenry the ability to get married alongside the rights and privileges that go along with this partnership. To deny such rights and privileges is an obvious violation of the 14th Amendment, which grants all citizens equal protection under the law.

Texas knows that marriage equality is inevitably coming to their state, so in an effort to prepare, they’ve decided to start writing bills that will make it as hard as possible for same-sex couples to get married.

These bills will likely become laws with how brutally conservative the Texas legislature and governor’s office have become.

What are some of the bigoted legislative measures being prepared? Glad you asked.

So far, they are putting together as many Jim Crow-style laws as possible to make it so people can legally refuse service to same-sex couples — and they are doing it as fast as possible.

They are trying make it legal for pastors to refuse performing a same-sex ceremony, which may be the only one that actually makes sense. The argument for separation of church and state can be used here, but that will open a can of worms for many in the state who refuse to believe that separation exists. It will prove marriage isn’t a religious ceremony, but rather a state ceremony, and all “Biblical marriage” arguments can be thrown out the window. Any lawsuits that go the way of churches can also be used later against churches who seek to legislatively rule with the Bible. However, I doubt Texas is really thinking this far ahead — they just really want to hate on gay people right this second.

Another bill they are trying to pass, that is completely unconstitutional, is the “Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act” which would make it so state or local government employees don’t have to grant or recognize same-sex marriages. And since marriage is a state contract, this would be in direct violation of the 14th Amendment, because equal protection under the law would be nonexistent for same-sex couples. The state is also trying to penalize liberal counties who choose to issue marriage licenses by making the county clerk give the $30 fee to the state, instead of using it for the local county.

So, the state hates gay people, but still wants their money.

Also, did you just catch they are trying to use separation of church and state, but in the same regard use the state to implement religious opinion? Yeah, they’re either that bigoted, or that stupid — I’m going with both.

Texas is also trying to push a bill through that will allow refusal of service to assist same-sex weddings based upon religious objection. You know, because it’s going so well for Indiana.

Undoubtedly, if these bills were to become law there will be a similar backlash, if not on a much grander scale, to that in Indiana. Texas loves to gloat about all the businesses coming to Texas, it’d be a shame if a bunch of them just up and left taking a bunch of jobs with them, all because some people think gay people are icky.

The clear stupidity and bigotry in all of this is abundant.

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