Obamacare-Hating Conservative Blames Obama Because He’s Going Blind And Broke

Luis Lang has spent much of his life voluntarily foregoing insurance. When he was healthy, he rejected the idea of finding help for any medical issues that may arise. He refused to sign up for the Affordable Care Act or otherwise find assistance but, now that things have gotten bad for the South Carolina conservative, he knows exactly who is to blame for his predicament: that dastardly Obummer!

Lang, a self-employed handyman who worked with banks and the federal government to maintain foreclosed properties, says he has always prided himself in paying his own medical bills. However, after a series of mini-strokes, as well as bleeding from his eyes and a partially detached retina caused by diabetes, Lang needs help.

When things got sketchy for the 49-year-old Republican, he quickly accumulated $9,000 in medical bills and depleted his savings. Lang’s vision has steadily worsened, and he can’t work anymore, he says.

“He will lose his eyesight if he doesn’t get care. He will go blind,” said Dr. Malcolm Edwards, the ophthalmologist who has been caring for Lang.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Lang learned quite a bit about “bootstraps” through his predicament:

That’s when he turned to the Affordable Care Act exchange. Lang learned two things: First, 2015 enrollment had closed earlier that month. And second, because his income has dried up, he earns too little to get a federal subsidy to buy a private policy.

Lang, a Republican, says he knew the act required him to get coverage but he chose not to do so. But he thought help would be available in an emergency. He and his wife blame President Obama and Congressional Democrats for passing a complex and flawed bill.

“(My husband) should be at the front of the line because he doesn’t work and because he has medical issues,” Lang’s wife, Mary, said. “We call it the Not Fair Health Care Act.”

While Lang and his wife may blame President Obama, it is his own party that rejected the very idea of a  state exchange. It was his own party that pushed through a “nullification” bill that would make implementing Obamacare a crime. It was his own party that has failed to accept the Medicaid expansion.

Last year, the Times and Democrat highlighted some of the negative effects of the state rejecting the Affordable Care Act:

In South Carolina, nearly 200,000 individuals fall into what is called the coverage gap. By South Carolina not expanding Medicaid, this group of people will not have any health insurance. Many of these individuals are adults without children or with incomes too high to receive health subsidies, but too low to receive Medicaid. So while the elected officials in South Carolina play political games, these individuals are one illness away from bankruptcy. The hurdles South Carolinians and their families have to overcome are already cumbersome without adding the lack of health insurance on top of record unemployment. We can – and we should – do better.

It is not just individuals who will suffer, but our hospitals and businesses too. Uninsured South Carolinians become a burden on the taxpayers of South Carolina when they visit emergency rooms because it’s the only access to health care they have. President Ronald Reagan passed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act requiring hospitals to treat all medical emergencies regardless of ability to pay. This is an extremely expensive way to provide health services.

According to The Greenville News, “Hospitals will have to provide unreimbursed charity care to patients who would have qualified for the expanded Medicaid program, and those costs will be passed onto businesses and individuals that buy health insurance.”

Lang’s condition continues to worsen. “He’s in a very bad situation,” Edwards said. “The longer he waits, the poorer his results will be.”

Lang and his wife have set up a GoFundMe, hoping that individual generosity will come through in rectifying the mistakes they will not admit they made. Lang says he is ” looking at any ware from $18,000 – $30,000″ in medical costs — otherwise he will go blind.

While some have donated, many of those who have chosen to help have a message for Lang:

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Perhaps Lang will learn a lesson. Perhaps not. Despite his ignorance, though, he (like every single person alive) is deserving of proper medical care. Hopefully, he finds the help he needs — and hopefully, he will purchase insurance at his next opportunity.

Featured Image via Charlotte Observer