Liberals Have Raised $10k For Obamacare-Hating Conservative Who Is Going Blind (SCREENSHOTS)

Once again, a conservative is in trouble because he neglected to obtain insurance thanks to an ideological opposition to sanity — and once again it is liberals, not conservatives, who are bailing him out. When racist, homophobic Cliven Bundy acolyte Sheriff Mack and his wife fell ill, it was mostly liberals who heeded his call for help, despite obvious philosophical differences.

More than $44,000 has been raised for Mack and his wife to date, with the majority of donors encouraging Mack to reconsider his view that states should refuse any funds from the Affordable Care Act.

More recently, conservative Luis Lang voiced his disdain for the Affordable Care Act because he was unable to enroll outside the open enrollment period. Lang had no interest in insurance until he suffered a series of mini-strokes and discovered that he is going blind. However, he knows exactly who is to blame for his predicament.

No, the blame does not lie with Republicans in Lang’s state of residence, South Carolina, no matter how much they have worked against the state’s citizens’ ability to obtain healthcare. Fault certainly does not lie with state legislators who rejected the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. It absolutely does not lie with Lang himself, who took pride in paying his own bills as needed rather than prepare for situations exactly like the one he faces.

That durn socialistic mooslim Barack Hussein Adolf Hitler Obama is at fault for all of this in Lang’s soon-to-be-unseeing eyes.

One might expect this patriot who rejected the Affordable Care Act (and insurance altogether) to be rescued by his fellow conservatives, but they have left him to “bootstrap it.” Liberals, however, believe that everyone — regardless of political affiliation — have the right to healthcare so much that they are throwing money at this delusional and hateful right-winger in an effort to save his eyesight.

At this time, more than $10,000 has been raised to help Lang with his problem.

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Would Lang help others in an identical situation? Probably not, especially if their ideology differed from his own. Whether or not the United States as a whole recognizes it to be so, health care is (and should be considered) a human right — one for which each person, liberal, conservative, or anything in between, should fight.

No one should risk losing their home, going broke, or suffer any other adverse effects simply for taking care of themselves. Lang may be deluded, but we wish him the best. Hopefully, once his eyesight is fixed, he will finally be able to see the light.

Perhaps it is even time to dispense with health insurance altogether, and simply take care of people. Perhaps, just perhaps, we should consider adopting a true form of universal healthcare to ensure that horribleĀ decisions are less catastrophic for people like Mr. Lang and Sheriff Mack.

Just perhaps.