Cop Pepper-Sprays Two Handcuffed Teens For No Reason (VIDEO)

Video recorded in January of this year shows an Illinois police officer pepper spraying two handcuffed teens, apparently for no reason whatsoever.

Chemical agents, like pepper-spray, are meant to be used by police only when they are dealing with subjects who are resisting arrest or otherwise uncooperative. In this case, both of the teens were already in police custody. Their hands are in restraints. Both appear to sitting quietly in a holding cell.

The Alton police officer, who has since been identified as Vince Warlick, swings open the door and blasts the two young men with pepper-spray.

One of the teens can be seen writhing in pain. His hands are cuffed in front of him, rendering him helpless to defend against the unprovoked assault. A few seconds later, the officer spray the two teens again.

Here’s the video:

The story doesn’t end there. Although the incident took place in January, Alton Chief of Police Jason ‘Jake’ Simmons also came under fire for not responding to the incident until the video became public. Warlick remained on duty until May. Simmons says that he became aware of the alleged officer misconduct in March, but it took another two months for officers to write a report about the incident.

In mid May, after a lengthy community hearing, which was attended by hundreds of residents, the City Council voted in favor of replacing chief Simmons. Immediately after the vote, however, the town’s mayor, Brant Walker approached the podium. Walker told the gathered crowd:

“I hereby exercise my right as Mayor to retain Jake Simmons as Police Chief. I have no intention of removing him from office, nor do I have any intention of nominating anyone else for the position.”

Alton, Illinois is located quite close to Ferguson, Missouri, a city that became famous for police brutality and political corruption, following the shooting death of Michael Brown. According the Department of Justice, police and Ferguson city officials worked hand in hand to undermine citizen’s rights and exploit the poorest members of that community.

The NAACP has called for Simmons to replaced, saying that they believe the police chief has buried or ignored other civil rights complaints, prior to this one. “He has to know about this and possibly many more things like this they haven’t sent to me,” NAACP President said during a May interview with KMOV.

A year ago, an officer with the Alton County police was indicted on criminal charges, after it was shown that he had destroyed evidence in more than 100 criminal cases.

Unfortunately, the kind of corruption that existed in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, is the norm, not the exception. While much of the media attention regarding this issue has centered on Ferguson and the surrounding areas, the rights of US citizens are being violated from one of the country to the other.

*Featured image credit: Video screen capture Current News, via youtube