Wisconsin Just Made Sure Guns Get Into The Hands Of The Angry And Vengeful Sooner

Republicans with their bosom buddy the NRA are all about making sure everyone has as easy of access to guns as possible. They’ll tell you it’s about “freedom” and the Second Amendment, but in reality it’s all about profit for the gun manufacturers. That’s just the honest truth. The more they tell you the lie that “guns will be taken away,” the more guns they sell, because, let’s face it, people fall prey to the sales pitch.

Now, in the latest attempt to make sure as many people as possible have guns in their hands, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin legislature just repealed the state’s 48-hour waiting period on handgun purchases.

What will this do? It will make it easier for those who are angry and vengeful to just walk into a gun shop, buy a gun, and kill. No longer will people have to wait 48 hours to cool down or reconsider. The repeal of this law will undoubtedly lead to more violence and deaths.

One Republican, Rep. Romaine Quinn, the bills chief sponsor, said:

“This is not about putting guns in the hands of criminals.”

But rather, be a bunch of adult-sized Veruca Salt’s who what they want when they want it.

“Who says I can’t have it!… I want it now!”

Heaven forbid they have to wait two days. That would be too much really for anyone to handle. (sarcasm)

Quinn also said:

“The bill is being made out to be something more than it is. You still have to pass the background check. You can’t be a criminal. This allows law-abiding citizens to take a gun home the same day. We can’t tell law-abiding citizens they can’t do that.”

Except, Quinn’s not accounting for the people who go to buy a gun and probably shouldn’t be buying a gun that day. Say they’ve been in a fight and need a couple of days to come to their senses.

Of course, Republicans are trying to sell the repeal as “saving lives” and being good for women who need to protect themselves from abusers — not really stopping to think that now they just gave the abusers the same easy access to buy a firearm same-day and use it.

And of course, the NRA was a huge supporter of this repeal. While End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort were against it.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker intends to sign the repeal.

How hard is it to wait 48 hours? Are we so trained as a society to need things immediately that we can’t wait two days for something? Can we think beyond our own personal want, and think about the societal need to curb gun violence and domestic abuse? One would hope so, however, this seems too big of a task for Republicans and the NRA to handle. Besides, there’s profit to be made.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons