Fla. GOP Votes To Keep Their $8 Health Coverage A Week After Telling The Working Poor To Die

Florida, Florida, Florida… it’s so sad that such a beautiful state is marred by so much ugly. Not only do we have the crazy criminals who inevitably pop up on our social media¬†newsfeeds and make us cover our faces in shame, but we also have the worst politicians imaginable. On Friday, one week to the day that Republicans in the House voted to kill Medicaid expansion for almost a million of the state’s working poor, the very same lawmakers voted to keep their own low-cost health insurance.

When the Florida House voted against the Senate’s Medicaid expansion program, they claimed it was because the state couldn’t afford it. Rick Scott, once a supporter of the program, sided with House members and applauded the decision to kill the bill. The irony of the vote was that Senate Republicans were actually in favor of the bill, because the money to pay for the program, in part, would have come from the federal government. Unfortunately, for the Floridians who work multiple jobs and still can’t afford health insurance for their families, the Tea Party infested House didn’t give a crap about them and voted “no” because they didn’t want to look like they were supporting Obamacare.

Although the members of the GOP clearly do not care about poor families in the state, they certainly care about themselves. Almost 30,000 state workers, including Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi (who sued the government over the Affordable Care Act), pay just $8.34 a month for individual coverage or $30 a month for family coverage. Members of the House, Senate and rank-and-file state employees pay $50 a month for themselves or $180 for family coverage. Must be nice, right?

The low-cost insurance measure was included in a larger healthcare bill that affects 400,000 state workers, retirees, and their families. If it becomes law, the insurance rates will be frozen through 2016.

It’s obvious that the Republican Party loathes the poor, but the Florida House really, really hates the poor. They essentially told 800,000 of the hardest working Floridians that they didn’t deserve a basic human right — the right to live. They condemned the people who make it possible for the state to collect billions of dollars in tourist revenue. I definitely think state employees like teachers, first responders and public works employees deserve affordable, low-cost healthcare, but lawmakers who deny civilian employees the same thing do NOT deserve it.

If Republicans do not want us to have healthcare, then we damn sure don’t want to pay for their healthcare.

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