Cop Fires More Than A Dozen Rounds Into Car Full Of Black Teens (VIDEO)

When Cook County Judge Larry Berman saw dashcam video of a Chicago police officer firing more than a dozen bullets into a car which was occupied by a group of black teenagers, he was both shocked and disturbed. While the video is from December 22, 2013, it wasn’t until recently that it was played inside Judge Berman’s courtroom.¬†The footage disturbed the judge so much that he decided he had to do something about it. He sent a copy to a local news organization, The Chicago Reporter.

“He absolutely thought the public should see this. He wanted the police officer held accountable. He wants to make sure this officer isn’t put in a position where he’s out on the street and able to do something like this again,” Chicago reporter Jonah Newman told WFLD.

The officer seen in the video is identified as Marco Proano.

What the footage shows is Proano approaching a car, occupied by a group of Black teens. He has his gun drawn, and turns it sideways, pointing it at the kids in the car. As the teens attempt to get away from the officer, he begins randomly pumping the car full of bullets. It’s impossible to tell how many bullets he fires at the teens. Definitely more than a dozen. Probably more than two dozen.

Two of the teens inside the car were shot.

Here’s the chilling video, courtesy of The Chicago Reporter on YouTube.

WFLD reports that the Proano had nine complaints, not including this shooting, after just four years on the police force.

According to Newman, the Chicago Police Department “immediately moved the officer to desk duty.”

The victims filed a civil suit, which was recently settled for $360,000. The FBI and the Justice Department are both believed to be investigating this shooting.

None of the kids in the car had a weapon. But it’s clear that Proano wasn’t shooting to “stop the car.” He pumped bullets through the windows and windshield, and his intent was to kill.

In spite of all this, the video was hidden from the public. In fact, lawyers for the city of Chicago convinced a federal judge to put the video under a “protective order,” so that it would never get out.

If it hadn’t been for Judge Berman, who was not bound by the order, this video would likely have never been made public. In the minds of the public, it would have been the word of the cop against the word of a bunch of black kids. We all know how those cases go. Proano would have been back on the street, and the public would have been oblivious to the danger of someone like this carrying a badge and a gun.

Judge Berman knew that. After 18 years on the bench and 17 years as a public defender, he knows better than just about anyone how this stuff works. He said he turned the video over to The Chicago Reporter because he wanted to make sure that this officer doesn’t get put back on the street, like the overwhelming majority of killer cops do.

The kids that were shot have both recovered from their injuries. They’re fortunate to be alive. This article could have easily been about five teens, killed by cop. If Proano is allowed to keep his badge and his gun, the next time his name appears in the media, it’s almost certain to be because he killed someone.


*Featured image credit: video screen capture, The Chicago Reporter, via YouTube